Saturday, November 24, 2012


I am a big fun of movies ,i keep on preaching to friends how much i am a movie freak,if am not on a safari i would definitely spend my weekend watching movies.Me and my Lad Seanron spend most of our weekends in movie theaters.
I love theaters but there things that make me uncomfortable when watching movies ,i really had a hard time while watching "Sky fall " i could barely concentrate on the movie.
If i wanted to watch a movie with lots of destruction ,phones beeping , murmuring and the coldness of Antarctica i would definitely call upon my comrades at my place, switch the air condition to the maximum level and watch a movie while chatting..but because i want the calmness and the big projected movie plus the  tremendous sound i have to get a ticket earlier ,but now days the cinema is invaded. 
Are there any rules on who to bring at the cinema's ,last time i was watching a movie some woman brought her child with,the kid started frowning and next thing was her annoying crying style ,and what is more worse is they were just beside me.."EXCUSE ME" why bring a baby at the theater ?get a nanny or something,why waste my exquisite moment and the concentration i had for Bond?matter of fact i wouldn't want to miss a thing since the tickets are quite expensive these days.
I sometimes ask myself if all people who go to cinema's know how to read ,or quite a few are capable of reading,I really don't understand why one could go blind on all the ads around the theater that say switch off the phone or put them in silent mode?I have witnessed and got distracted by the ring tones and the vibrations,"Hey switch your God dame phone off",and the worst part it had to ring while i was watching the expendables past few months.
And who the hell controls the Air condition?I dot get the logic of the air vent controller or whoever is in charge,"Bros ,its too much". It destructs my concentration i tell you,why the high temperature ?and without caring enough it doesn't matter whether its winter or summer ,i am almost always freezing in theaters and i tel you am not the only one that freezes ,i have witnessed people carrying blankets and jackets ."please whoever deals with the thermostat should do something about it..
popcorn's,popcorn's ...i love popcorn's but whoever thought of them being one of the refreshments during movie times was not right i would say,if you also get the same problem as i, am sure you will support me on this ..if you are surrounded with civilized people you wont notice the trouble but if next to you is a retard weighing about 500 pounds and he is a food monger that would want you to hear his irritating way of chewing then you will face the heat..this kind of scenario has been among the common i face.Please "grow up  and chew well".
Ohh i almost forgot the story tellers ,i would like to call them Second hand directors ,stupid them ...they watch the downloaded versions before premiere then they come to theaters to tell us whats going to happen time i meet such a person i would definitely punch his face..
To conclude is i have seen a five year old girl in the theater before and you wouldn't want to know what movie was on screen ,"Hannibal"..scary right,it leaves me surprised ,i barely see children on animation premieres in my country ,but horror you would see at least five of them...what is just happening??
Please people change,theaters are places i go find my peace,change ...change...



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