Monday, November 5, 2012

Bullies Made Me Love Soccer

I never liked football during my childhood,the game used to confuse me,i would rather play with toys all day.To me football was for those bullies and the big boys around my neighborhood ,but what always caught my mind was when the ball entered the net,it caught me by surprise seeing those big boys cheer around with joy,while others cry with pain.It kept me ask myself why play the game then if the outcome is either joy or sadness.
This afternoon there was a big match ,our street team was playing against "mkomboro" (dark lions ) "mkomboro" was the strongest team ,they trained everyday ,they had donors and the fact that they had those shiny silky jerseys and good football shoes it made our street team aghast ,as they were nick named the dark lions ,they had big bodies comparing to our team.
As the ball started everyone was cheering at the "Mkomboro" even the people from our team became traitors,surely i couldn't understand how this game can have traitors ,as young as i was i had lot in mind and came to realize that they were all scared of the bullies ..
After the first half my street team was already beaten 2 goals and we had nothing ,most of the players in our team were injured and every one that was asked to cover the places of the injured members everyone turned their backs..
Joseph our street team captain stared at me quite for a while and called me,"dress up boy".
Asked myself dress up for what ,he pushed me inside and told me "you are going to play ,and you are going to make as win". I got numb ,the fact i hated this game wasn't a problem ,the problem was i had never played this game before,i was pushed inside ,but all i did was just stand right there and wait until the ball reached my legs,as time passed Faraja our midfielder got as pass from Shushu one of our best defenders ,Faraja never made a mistake,one strong shot and we were all cheering with joy .
I remember the entire 40 minutes in the ground i never touched the ball with my feet..
We only had 3 minutes till the final whistle,Shushu made a forward pass and it finally reached my feet and i was facing the mkomboro's goal,their goal keeper came with force to sweep me but my adrenaline made me shoot with fear...and it was in was a goal..everybody cheered and i remember being carried up...
And the full time whistle was blown ,it was a 2-2 ,those who called me nerd they called me champion..
I was the topic everybody talked about me ,Joseph our team captain agreed to train me to become better...Thanks to the bullies now i love soccer..



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