Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I want some Senene

The awesome month is here. Allow me welcome November. Two things are likely to happen. I will either have diarrhoea more often, or constipation. Dear Lord, lead my way. The reason I rejoice about November is not the rains that make me “forget” myself in bed or the soggy earth that makes me almost employ someone to do the laundry for me during this month. I refuse to mention how many times I keep explaining myself to my boss every morning just because I’m running late. November. Amidst all those issues just one thing delights me, those creepy insects that are in the locust family. The seasonal grasshoppers locally known as Senene.

As a matter of fact, the month of November is known as Senene in Uganda. This is enough to explain that these grasshoppers are normally around during this time of the year. It was therefore not shocking when I goggled about it and the first result I received was “Grasshoppers-senene- a Haya?Uganda delicacy” As a consumer, I find these insects quite costly. Perhaps they are charging us for the cold nights they spend trying to catch grasshoppers. They have to look for very bright lights, could this be an extra charge for TANESCO?

When I first ate these grass hoppers, I hated the whole Idea. I remember throwing up too. But 10 years later, I met a friend who invited me to her house. She loved grasshoppers. As she prepared them, she kept adding other ingredients like onions which gave them an attractive aroma. At the end of her preparation, I had been tempted. I really wanted to try and eat them again. These tasted so delicious and up-to-date, I have never looked back.

People who eat grasshoppers have one thing in common with pork and money lovers; nothing can ever be enough. Just the other day, on my way home, I found someone selling them and she convinced me that she had prepared them well. I did taste them at that point for jaribu, but told her to give me some worth Shs1, 000. They were soon done and I ordered for more of the same amount. I realised my stay would see me spend all my money.

Then recently, as we were walking around Kariakoo, I saw so many people vending grasshoppers. I was salivating the whole way until my friend made the wisest decision ever. She said that she was daring me to eat grasshoppers worth Shs5, 000. I insisted that I could not handle, but nothing would make her change her mind. What a lovely evening it was. I was so glad she dared me.


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