Friday, November 23, 2012

Greatest Singing Voices In Tanzania PT 1

Banana Zorro

Banana Zorro is most certainly one of the best vocalists of all time in Tanzania. The inaugural winner of Tanzanian version of American Idol wowed the country with his incredible vocals and still today is considered as one of the best singers in the nation, simply because his voice is so rich and powerful. On top of the richness of his voice, he is also the most versatile singer of all time. Being able to change his voice to fit almost any genre ranging from R&B, Zouk, Pop, just to name a few. Coming from a very talented musical family some his classic hits include Mama Yangu, Mama Kumbena, Nzela, Zoba, Anakudanganya etc  Lady Jay Dee  

There's not enough words to describe Jay Dee's voice. It's powerful. Soulful, raw, beautiful, sweet, emotional, rich and strong. She's the best female singer in the Country. From her debut charismatic vocals in the timely classic "Machozi" to her seductive, yet appealingly unique and sexy voice. Jay Dee has proven she is the whole Package. Nobody interprets a song like this lady, and she can sing in almost any genre without losing her renowned style.At her best very few can complete with her  Diamond Putting away all the negative criticism and public slaughter this guy gets. Whether you like him or not the boy has one the best Vocals in the nation. The "mbagala" hit maker works hard and devotes a lot to his music.Being a trendsetter, promoters have pay a lot of chunk to have this guy perform. Growing up from a poor family makes him get easily carried away with wealth and fame, but i believe once he grows out of it he can become a legend.  Chegge  
 Chegge Chingunda, probably has the most unique singing voice in the industry. Its just your typical "swahili" type of singing with distant elements of Bob Marley and rather K'naan.  Coming from Manyema family all the Way to TMK family, Chegge has managed to establish himself as one of the most talented singers in the business. He might not be hitting the notes but Chegge's voice is unique and has a rich sense of originality.  Linah   
Relatively new to the game, this songstress has the ability to become one of the best singers to ever come out of the nation if she puts focus on it. With such a powerful voice she can sing about any genre of music.    


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