Monday, April 1, 2013

Swahili Stern dads

Big reason i hate dads with a stern persona is because they are all trying to be like "Dictator Alladeen ",in Africa and especially my country there no rules on how to punish your children,not like other countries  (abroad )where when a parent weep his/her kid the next thing his busted by "five O".
In some point when someone does wrong he/she should be punished,but there must be limit on the punishment ,this other day i heard on a local radio that a woman burned her daughters hands for stealing a piece of curried meat and this are what i call demoniac people.

In my livelihood i came across many sturdy stuff but the worst of it is if i got a dad that is so absolutist,we have this kind of dads in Africa,in my country i once came across such a dad,one! they always have a killer eye,if you really want to to see the killer eye let his children invite you for lunch at their place,he will contemplate every move,wait until it reaches serving time where you all have to take the food of you choice,may you not reach at the curried meat bowl the killer eye is on you.

These dads have egocentric manners ,why i say so is because they always don't share their utensils,may you hold that big mug and the child will say "that's daddy's mug"...seriously??...that much ego they have to extent  they  don't share table knives ,plates and even food,we will all be eating vegetables and beans but he will have a lamb stake for himself as we all froth.

After eating beans and rice this daddy's will always force siesta,it isn't bad at all to have an afternoon nap but may parents do it gently,unlike this the stern Dad's they don't have the gentle in them ,they will always force forty winks with slaps,and abusive word's like "scummiest baboon",don't you know sleeping makes you grow tall?"..who said you get tall within a day,if it is so i could have been hulk.

These kind of fathers are not good at patronizing ,they will always lock the TV and the Cable in their rooms,Come on!!children love cartoons,why lock the TV and bring it out when you want to watch news,when you ask them why they lock the TV they will always say "i want my kids to study" for your information you cant force your kids to study with  locking the set in your room and moreover if you think the kids will get exposed to sexual soaps like "the promise" then get a parental guide cable,or else pay only for a cartoon channel.One thing you should know cartoons make kids cagey  as much as  you dads don't want them but better for the kids!!

One thing not to forget how this fathers can be obnoxious,i have witnessed one having a stroll with her daughter and suddenly the daughter belly flopped ,the next thing the dad did is dropped a slap on the daughters head, "you should learn how to walk witless" he said...How do you slap a young girl for falling,no wonder when they grow up they become crude wives ...i think the best thing is say sorry to the young angle face and lift her up,by doing so you will be building a better mother in future..

"I intend to fight and I want to win. But my priorities are basically to be a good Brother and a strong one, and to try to be a good father one day." (Mike Tyson)


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