Monday, April 15, 2013

La la la GOOooal…

Once in a while especially on weekends I like to do my spirit walk. A kind of medicine, a meditation that I do to free my mind from stressful problems which we all encounter in our lives.

This weekend as I was doing my usual spirit walk I noticed a crowd of people from a far distance ahead. Filled with curiosity I couldn’t help myself but move closer to see what was happening. There were a bunch of men both middle-aged and old ones, some were sited and some standing. I added a number to those who were standing. At first I felt that the ones who were standing are people like me with no clear conscious.

Flipping my eyes around to the center of the crowd I noticed an old AM/FM radio battery powered with an antenna like wire hanging out. With a deep voice and a quick tone I heard a man on the radio commentate a soccer game. I was so moved by the tremendous skills and humming this man was using to broadcast. The commentator was heard “Ngassa anakwenda na mpira paleee anaachia ndefu lakini inatoka nje na mpira unakuwa ni wakurushwa”. Everyone was quite listening closely following up word by word trying to picture the game in their minds. It was like music to the ears of everyone there. This is a kind of feeling you too should try it sometimes.

I stood there for a while enjoying myself but after a couple of minutes I decides to continue with my destiny-less journey along Buguruni road. As I was departing myself, from a far close distance I heard the commentator shouting “La la la GOOooal…!” I was shocked, I turned my head and looked back. People from the crowd were shouting too. Some were throwing their hands with happy faces. Shouts everywhere, goal, goal….. A few were holding their heads, filled with sad faces. “Simba moja Azam wazee wa lambalamba 0.” The commentator stated that a team has won a goal against the other. I smiled.

I find it amazing how a thing like soccer game can make people put away all their differences and come together in such a way. “La la gooal” had me smiling all the way and this Is how my mind came to be soothed.

"La la la goooooal laaa simba wamekosa bao pale."