Thursday, April 11, 2013



"She is such a loveable one when she's normal" this were words that came out from a friend,i pity him because he has had complains past few weeks.Her exquisite snow white has turned into a naughty beast,she is doing well in ignoring him and my pal cant explain how she is oblivious

Mood swings or let me say an extreme rapid change in mood can be disruptive in many relationships,perhaps we have all faced them ,the killer eyes we get from our baby mama's are intensely vexatious,once your lady starts the swings you will deeply think your dating five girls,that's how irritating the mood swings can get.

She can be very into you in one minute and the next she can start  nagging  and objecting on how she wishes you were gone,tolerating them mood swings is so possible and surely if you are into her you just have to buckle up and face the speed boat ride since the waves can make the safari bumpy.

I once asked "Sarah" my colleague,what were main causes of her mood swings,she easily threw the blame to "PMS" premenstrual syndrome,this is known as an excuse for almost every women,i tried to get more into questions asking her to annotate and she clearly hated how pervert i could get at times ,but with no options she had to clarify.

"most men think we build up some acts ,but sincerely we get nagging due to some inevitable reasons like"

  • most of girls are used to keep it clean,wearing white panties makes them feel smart ,during PMS they cant comfortably wear them.
  • During this time ladies can fall a sleep even when they aren't tired.
  • They feel like they want to remove the Vajj and throw it away.
  • Some don't like funny odor.
  • They get violent at sometimes,wanting to stub anyone they see.
  • The Tampon/pads commercials with happy girls smiling makes them irked.
  • During this period our baby mama's always think they are right..correcting them will make you lose an eye.
  • they crave random crap they don't own.
  • Wishing they were never born girls.
  • Sweet things like chocolate and ice cream are their best friends.
  • Always uncomfortable walking across men ,thinking they'll all know whats butchering under their tights.
I soon realized that we sometimes misunderstand  our pretty dolls but i also thought of other reasons being excuses.
 But "evil Kitty" says estrogen changes in female hormone levels are characteristic of causing mood swings, irritability, and emotional behavior, especially before a period (PMS). Knowing that you are moody at that time of month is the first step in helping problem behavior, and the safest way...that way, you can monitor your own behavior and be more careful about how you treat others at that time.

I will throw bit of advice to my fellow brothers ,there ways on how to tolerate the swings,i have a say that i tell my lads  " if they give you the swings swing with them but don't let the swing fall" Meaning to tolerate them you should play their games,try to get understanding,if it gets too much go outside and scream then get back and do the surely helps,also;
  • It's important to give her a little space. 
  • Don't question her/correct her .
  • Try and keep the lines of communication open, while also respecting her new need for privacy. 
  • Kill your time and do what she wants,if its watching a girly series or eating a sugar free ice cream just try.
  • Make sure you don't dismiss your girls concerns, however trivial they may seem to you, they may be important to her.
  • Advice her to have siesta on her free time.
  • Make her comfortable by giving her perfect make outs..
Just a week!!
 I know some of my fellow friends will be thinking of me being stupid but if shes worth it its never stupid,and furthermore its only a week of her being surly,after that she will get back to that aesthetically appealing girl of yours..and may the menstrual periods be a training to us guys since you wouldn't love it when she is pregnant,she will get more crusty as you can imagine.

NB: if you want to be a woman bosom buddy you should know this things.

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