Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Getting Results In Your Exams

Dedicating yourself to the best

When Form Six results came out, I was privileged to access results for one of the best schools in the country. Someone who goes to the same school looked at the list and there was a certain lady I will call Lady Brains who had scored 3 points –maximum points in Form Six.

While being briefed, this is what I was told about her, “I am not surprised. That girl used to read like crazy. She would sleep at 2am and wake up by 4am. Even while having lunch, she would be revising. She was so passionate about reading that she would not have time to wash her clothes. We would just help her to wash. Of course she was bright too but she worked so hard for her results. She deserved it.”

“By the way”, she went on, “on this list there are a group of boys who also passed very highly. They had a clique of very serious students. They would almost never leave the library. There are moments when they would sleep there. I hear they would take turns to sleep on the desks. Of course school policy does not allow this but the authorities tried to chase them away in vain.”

Dedicating yourself to the best
Now, just to be clear, I’m not advocating for taking extreme measures like those in an effort to pass exams. Because I believe that with smart time management and revision techniques, you can still pass highly. However, the principal of dedication is a big lesson here.

I reflected and noted that this incredible team of boys and Lady Brains knew the other principle of sowing and reaping. They invested a lot of time in their books. In the end, they harvested a lot in terms of results. Had they invested inadequate time for revision, they would have harvested inadequate results. It is a law in life. If you sow stones, you will remain with stones. If you sow seeds, you will get some fruits.

We all admire beautiful harvests but few people are willing to invest time and effort upfront. Be different. Plant healthy seeds in your field or industry and life will respond in equal measure. It is called life. Happy planting season.


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