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Homosexuality life in Tanzania..PT 1..

 Uganda: Ema and Simon
In Tanzania,we like to pride ourselves on our vigilance in preventing the introduction of western cultures and ideologies which would interfere with our traditions and beliefs.Our parents have had this pride forever and that's all they teach us,they hate the fact that we are still in kind of slavery although it was abolished physically and maybe not mentally..

As we are on the effort to try protecting our pride for us not to adopt the western culture its just then it drops with a tremendous fall that i call "Mentally Slavery Change",moreover others have just given up and each day i try to figure out who has preserved the culture as it should have and i get little number,i can proof to you how western culture can be manipulating.Massai is the only tribe in my country that is believed they are good at respecting and preserving their culture and yet nowadays i believe they are loosing ,some no longer want to wear their red drafted outfit "rubega".

We have adopted some difficult cultures with us,the ones that are banned..the ones that two men scratch each others back,kissing and have the kind of a relationship that is undefined,Really its happening ? i only used to see such actions in movies (at times) but i now visit some lounges and pubs and they are all you will notice first,the men in tight pants and high boots and others daring to show some feminine swag ,that's how flamboyant they can get..i also come across lesbians which in my research people have less problem with girls kissing or petting ,they have much problem when they see this actions come from men.

My ongoing research took me to Masai Club kinondoni this is where i had an appointment with a gay guy famously known as "Sasha" but his real name is Moses ,Moses (sasha) was so cautious due to gay guys were probably so wanted by the police and religious soldiers ,so i had to bribe the club's praetorian so that he can hook me up with sasha ,the bouncer made an appointment a day before since sasha schedule is quite tight...

As he was showing up flamboyantly i giggled,Sasha came knowing i was taking him/her/unknown for a ride,but instead i introduced myself and told her/him i was willing to interview him,Sasha fumed but later she calmed down when i said i wasn't with the police and i was ready to pay him.

Msongo:Why and when did you start being homo?

Sasha: I first started in a massage parlor ,i really loved how they massaged me and the guy who massaged my body introduced it to me,it started at the parlor and later  at his place.Don't ask why cause i won't answer that.

Msongo:Are you facing any troubles you being gay?

Sasha; you cant compare a gay living in Tanzania from one in the states,but also you cant compare the one in Uganda from Tanzanian's,despite they are hunting us but its more comfortable here than Uganda,we have support and we get clients...yes there troubles but i will say mild.

Msongo: Among your Clients which ones do you like the most?

Sasha; "Msongo nawe",i like "wazungu's" (foreigners) Italians and french people pay good cash,Tanzanians depends ,some are good and some are just con artists..

Msongo:what are your future plans?

Sasha:Msongo!! to live the country and go to the sates,am just waiting for luck since i already have a foreign guy..

Our conversation went on ,i realized there was one who was brutally punished and he was trying to explain to her/his friends ,i had to pay Sasha and go closer,the one punished was called "Janel"but his real name is Khalfan..i noticed their tendency of choosing fancy names.

Janel/Khalfan who started being homo since he was 13,his friends at school made him become gay,"they used to call me and finger me" this habit went on with Khalfan until one day the mom knew and later on the father chased him away from home..

Sasha said.....

"i don't like the fact gays in Tanzania are disrespected ,but in my own reasoning nobody should judge someone else,moreover  we are selling our bodies not yours,there is no need to brutally punish us,we have our rights and we are human just like you..i hope one day that Tanzanian Government understands us and give us our freedom and rights... 
                                                                              wrath of sasha..

***to be continued****

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  1. this is such a biased story, try being more objective in your writting