Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Tricks & Jokes


Many theories exist about how April Fools' Day came about. While the origins of the day remain a mystery, it has long been a tradition to use April 1 as an excuse to play pranks and jokes on family and friends. April Fools' Day pranks can be simple or extremely elaborate.

Quick Pranks and Jokes

Online sites, such as April Fool Zone, have a nearly endless supply of common April Fools' Day pranks. A classic example is to secure a rubber band around the push button of the spray nozzle on a sink. When someone turns on the water, the sprayer will kick out a stream of water at the victim. Another quick idea is to poke small holes in plastic or foam cups. When someone goes for a drink, the liquid will drip out of the holes. Gluing coins or dollar bills to the ground also makes for a laugh.

Elaborate Pranks and Jokes

  • Some people take April Fools' Day pranks to the extreme. In 1998, Burger King bought a full-page ad in "USA Today" announcing the company would offer a "left-handed Whopper." The ad claimed the burger would have condiments shifted 180 degrees to help left-handed people eat it easier. In 1981, the "Herald-News" in Roscommon, Michigan ran a story purporting that 2,000 sharks had been introduced into northern Michigan lakes. It was not true, but the newspaper received many letters from people who were angry about the sharks.

Computer Pranks and Jokes

Computers present a modern opportunity to have a little fun with someone. Consider switching a few keys on a keyboard, or removing the batteries from a wireless mouse. You can also use inspiration from the classic prank of wrapping a person's desk in aluminum foil, and instead use clear plastic wrap to cover a person's monitor, keyboard and mouse. Use multiple layers to make the prank last a bit longer.

Office Pranks and Jokes

  • Office workers are prime targets for their co-workers on April Fools' Day. Classic office pranks include switching drawers in desks, changing the height on all the office chairs, hiding all the pens in the office and taping down the hook on a co-worker's phone so it keeps ringing when picked up.

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