Thursday, April 4, 2013

Change ni mimi, ni wewe.


"We don't know the value of what we have until we loose it" These were the words a friend of mine wrote to me when he WhatsApp me this picture.

What do you see in this picture??  
What does the quoted words mean to you??

    People are burning churches, Priests and religious leaders are being attacked. Recently one pastor was heard on one of the local Television saying people are now afraid to attend any religious gathering in fear responding to threats against their beliefs. The peace that we had once among Tanzanian is now slowly diminishing. My friend knows if we ever find our self in a situation were one feel unsafe to put down his weapon even for a comfortable hair cut, that's when we would realize the true value of peace we had.

    So i urge you my fellow Tanzanian and peace keeper let us do things that are content to one another, actions that will bring peace once again in our society. Change ni mimi, ni wewe.


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