Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lets Talk About North Korea

So the biggest news over the world right now is that North Korea wants to wage a war against the USA,or is it against South Korea, am not pretty sure which country they want to take on. Back in Tanzania i can't really give this fuss maximum attention, our problems are just way overwhelming than all this.
Anyways,propaganda news channel CNN just stated that Intercepted communications indicate that North Korea could be planning to launch a mobile ballistic missile in the coming days or weeks, a U.S. official says. But Shouldn't such information be confidential or is the USA department of defense leaking fake information to justify an attack like in Iraq?
I sincerely don't know anything about North Korea, I asked  a certain American blogger to tell me about North Korea and he went on stating  "Most of us are brought up in complete ignorance of what a country like North Korea is capable of. Here we go to school to learn math, history, science, etc. Over there school children are indoctrinated to hate the United States and prepare them for war. Generations of North Koreans have been bombarded with years of propaganda so crazy that most of us would think it unreal. Make no mistake, these people are bent on the destruction of America"
Trying to get perspectives from both sides, I spoke to a certain professor of University of Dar es Salaam who had been recently in South Korea to give me his opinion. Quoting him " The truth is, the South deals with sensitive issues in the North all the time, the difference is the world doesn't take notice. People are unfazed in South Korea, the news reports the facts with no intense commentary nor fear mongering, people continue with their daily lives of drinking coffee and cooking rice and kimchi, and my research colleagues assured me that it was nothing to worry about. Quite honestly the only reason I knew it was a big deal was from people from home asking me if I was OK, it wasn't until I returned home that I realized how big a deal this was.
I'm not an expert, Kim-Jong-Un is new and he is enforcing his power, he and his government are crazy but not stupid, if they were to 'enforce war' on America or South Korea it would be the end of his dictatorship, they would have no negotiations for aid or future power or reconciliation. Chances are they will ask for aid or more powers within the DMZ, they may bomb one of the 3000 islands around Seoul, but a 'war' as is being depicted in the media (in my opinion) is highly unlikely and there are more important issues that could be taken up by this coverage, which as far as I can see is being pushed by the US for whatever reason they have?
But why is the rest of the world so silent about this? Where is the UN in all of this? Why is China so quiet? The whole thing reeks! Either no one is taking him seriously, or something really scary is about to go down and people are scrambling behind the scenes to figure out what to do without rousing the masses.


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