Friday, April 12, 2013

Story: Aphotic life of a street kid


As it started raining i noticed but i was moved with too much laziness in me,as much as i tried to turn on the other side to grab that bristly moth eaten potato sack so that i cover myself, yet i couldn't,my thoughts were deep into a dream that had no ending,a dream that made me forget i had a sister to look after.It got chilly but i refused to suspend my consciousness ,i was enjoying the catnap despite the whole day starve.

I was suddenly awake by the tremendous sound of a thunder ,such a startling utterance i thought,as i woke up my thoughts were on my little sister who i hadn't know where she was at that time,looked around at the spot that we all lied our tired vertebral last night and she wasn't on her local azam sack bed.My thoughts triggered to my late mother lecture that i should always be close to my sister and never let anything wrong  happen to her.

My body got weak and my legs couldn't support me no more,i fell on the floor with inevitable force while my chin got covered with tears,slowly i rubbed my face with the creased corner of my tattered yellow CCM torn t-shirt ,trying to imagine what had happened to my little angel sister.As my mind was deep in a mug of thoughts suddenly came "Zabrina",a close friend of my little sister who lost her parents from a killer disease AIDS,Zabrina was a age mate of my sister and we both lived in the same streets of "posta mpya".

"Kaka Bundu Ashura kapotea"!! Zabrina gave me bad news meaning my little sister was lost,i asked Zabrina to explain more ,she never stopped crying as she told me,i pulled her at a corner and tried to cover myself with much courage instead of crying but tears glistened our faces.Seeing Zabrina crying gave me hope that she might know where Ashura went but as i continued questioning her if she knew where her friend was she had no clue,but she was just crying because she woke up and her close friend wasn't there.

In the morning i took zabrina with me,walked around every possible gangs in the street to ask if they saw my sister but every one denied,as time went on Zabrina got tired and hungry,i couldn't bare her cries for food so i pretended that i heard nothing,we walked from posta mpya to magomeni with no success.

I never felt hungry despite i slept without eating the other night,all i thought was the guilt,and yet Zabrina couldn't stop being stubborn,i promised zabrina if we found Ashura i would buy them  "chipsi Mayai"(chips with eggs) which i cant afford but she agreed ,my feelings were telling me to stroll to Ubungo where the biggest bus Terminal in Dar-es-salaam is,Zabrina legs swelled since we were on the walk for about 3 hours,i decided to carry her so that we can keep up with the find,as i walked while carrying her it was so like a torture the sun was intensely burning,i got splashed dirty water by fancy cars but that couldn't stop the urge i had to find my sister.

We reached at the bus terminal which it was  already a different territory,Ubungo was already a different district to us,street kids from here have different rules from us,they have godfathers and leaders they report to,so for us to ask too much questions if they saw my little sister i had to see there "Mlopa"(leader) who i met and explained about how i lost my sister,he then commanded few of his friends to help me find Ashura around Ubungo.

As we were on the move i got that feeling of hate towards God thinking why me having all this botheration ,why he took my dearly mother and now its happening to my young sister,my mind overlapped into deep thoughts that it almost led me to be run over by a 1998 White suzuki.

We went to some popular bridge at Ubungo where when you stand facing down you can easily see whats beneath."omary one of the guys that was helping shouted "Wazee kuna mwili wa binti hapa chini" he saw a body under the bridge,as i went closer to have a  look ,"OH MY GOD"........

*****To be continued*****


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