Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spread the Chrismas Cheer

Has the Christmas mood started to settle in, at work or at home? Not yet huh? I know. A few workmates were talking about how it just doesn’t feel the same. We are not being bombarded with Christmas songs from the radio and the mobile vans selling movie/series DVDs and CDs.

By the way, if you plan to buy a few Christmas music CDs from those mobile truck people, ensure they play the CD so you can hear the music before you purchase it. Another workmate was telling me about how he and a colleague were sold blank DVDs.

But back to Christmas and the festivities. Somehow, the mood seems low. By this time last year, we were seeing lots of adverts on where to spend Christmas and how malls and such like were giving discounts and having sales. These same malls were endlessly decorated. Talk in the offices was about where people intended to spend Christmas day, how much they would be spending, who they would be visiting and who they would be dodging. But there is hardly talk of that yet.

I used to have a problem with people preparing for Christmas too early. I would frown when Christmas songs started to play in November or when companies would start to send their gift bouquets in the first week of December. Now, I must say that I miss it. It’s been a hard long year.

                                      Why we need the Christmas spirit

We need to be cheered up. We need to remember that however tough things get, we should spare a moment to put the frowning and sadness away and laugh and smile with friends and loved ones. And the Christmas cheer has a way of doing that.

Even the most cynical of people and atheists will be found humming a song or two. The mean parent or guardian will find themselves buying some meat, for the first time in weeks, so that the family can feast. The ever busy spouse will find time, even if it is just a day or two to spend with the partner and children.

I know we should not be looking forward to Christmas just because of the food, the gifts we might get, time off from work, the beautiful decorations and buying stuff at much lower prices. As much as it is a cliché, the reason for the season is Jesus and it is important that we always remember that. I think though that Jesus would like us to be happy, celebrate his birth (in a proper manner) and come together as family and friends.
So let’s put the long faces away and be of good cheer.


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