Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Joys Of Safari Lager

All of us at sometime or another have had beers that have really stood out, not just because of it's taste, but because of the story of how you came to be drinking that particular beer. A good friend of mine, Isaya Chapombe once told me “A good beer is a beer that you don’t realize how good it is until you stand up.”


So i have this thing for Safari Lager, Oh yes..The brand that has refused to die, unlike its cousin "Bingwa"  that just disappear (what happened to "Bingwa" by the way??)... After all these years, the ups and downs, the ins and outs, face lifts and surgeries, still this it is the best local beer one can drink. High in alcohol content , golden rich taste. The sweet malt, and hop aroma... mmmmh. This just brings the euphoric feeling that you can't possibly get any beautiful vocabulary to describe it.

Okay, TBL started brewing Safari Lager in 1977 during an era when the spirit of nationhood was at its highest, in the process setting up a strong sense of loyalty among the beer's drinkers. Over the years Safari Lager has maintained its resonance with the nation's consumers and to date the beer is still Tanzania's best selling.

I once found myself in the company of a wise man at local pub who told me Safari is the only beer for him..I asked about the nitty gritty of the label and went on saying..."there's a big house with a smaller house on the other side of the lake, symbolizing wealth and prosperity. The large house is for your first wife, the small house across the lake is for your second wife."

Back in the days, you walk in to an open bar in the streets, find grown men and women, having a laugh, people of different backgrounds, on one corner there is the DJ, his girlfriend next to him, the rich guy out of town, who wants the DJ's girl, the middle man, the poor guy from town who wants everyone to think he is rich, the grown woman who wants the DJ, the bar maid too is in the picture, all laughing at the table as if there is no tomorrow....eating nyama choma and enjoying this wonderful (did i say wonderful) I mean magnificent(not even sure if its the right word) lager.

The current Blackberry generation don't understand the true meaning of this beer. But no one can ever forget the slogan "Safari Moja, Huanzisha Nyingine" Classic!!!




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