Monday, March 4, 2013

My aggravating neighbors...
In my hood i leave among bothersome human beings and also sweet ones,it has always made me uncomfortable ,sometimes i get the never ending phobia but sometime i get well thrilled.For proper movie freaks am sure you have watched "Lake View Terrace",i always imagine some of my neighbors are imitating Samuel Jackson ,the looks on their faces explain how unfriendly they are.

The neighbor that just leaves beside me, the compound smells like a lions den,for a maasai who is pride is to hunt and kill down a lion understands when i say it smells like a lions den,perhaps it smells that way since this family is obsessed with livestock,i wonder what domestic animal the family doesn't keep,the worst part is whenever i try to put my tiredness under a small meeting called sleep i hear funny blares from this animals,you can imagine a pig odor..

My next neighbor loves music,i can tell this because he dresses up like 50 cents,maximum swag,he raps when he brushes his teeth,i wonder why he likes brushing his teeth outside his house,the streets admire his ride though i find it odd,a mini bus bedazzled  with Hip hop artists names,i nearly thought he raps for a leaving but i hardly heard any of his tracks on a local station,What distress me is the way he walks holding his pants,rumors say he has a big gun under that pair of denim jeans,his name has appeared in several wanted lists in the country.

I call them the coast family,you can obvious tell after the name i gave them,i love this family,they belong in a group i call chefs (i named them) they everyday cook something amiable,resisting the odor sometimes its impossible that's when i find myself knocking their front door ,the effluvium is wonderful ..they have been my good lads..a Swahili family that i admire when it comes to cooking,the mom is an exquisite cook cooking a delectable meal,i uprightly have no problem with this family.

The Jambo man,he is always smiling at young kids,every time he passes beside you he will greet you with the word "Jambo"his and old man estimating around 80's,everybody think his a rapist or molester,he doesn't talk to any one other than children,you will see him smiling and mocking kids,he has this look that defines him a molester,he gives out sweets to young children every Christmas,i sometimes defend him and say not all that love kids are molesters but yet i hate to trust his not.

The last neighbors are the girls next door,i call them Charlie Angels,three aesthetically appealing girls,the Louis V type,these girls are so expensive you could tell from the dress codes,they live in a proper crib ,they share a Toyota Verossa ,the first time i arrived at my new hood i eagerly wanted to know what they do for a living and came to realize they are daughters of very potential people,and they were just students doing their first year course,they are reason why i get pervert sometimes,they are very beautiful..i have no problem with this neighbors ,they are like roses with different scent...
  • If you burn your neighbors house down, it doesn't make your house look any better.
  • For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn?



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