Saturday, March 9, 2013

"An African Election"what have we to learn from Kenyans?
African countries or may i say dark countries,i don't use the word dark to portray racism but my intention is to reflect how we are intentionally blinded....Africans election mostly are injustice,we have heard and seen different citizens struggle for reality and peace,trying to choose one who will lead their nations befittingly.

We have recently been supporting our brother country Kenya on their presidential elections and sincerely i would like applaud them on the change they made ,caring less about the 2007 clash,maintaining the peace and love was something believed impossible to the Kenyans and yet they shut the spirit of conflict and joined their hands voting for the right person they believed will bring change in their country.
Using a different sort of polls modern one as they call it electronic ,it was a bit hard and confusing but they managed to concur on the results,What is for us to learn from the Kenyan's? is it the peace that they prevailed ,the electronic polls or the presidential debates they conducted?

I would take the Presidential debate for instance,I believe the Kenyans citizens were able to know their guy after carefully weighting their opinions after the debate,practically it was the best ,that's when you can realize who can lead your nation and who is a fumble,after a period of first and second debate Kenyans understood who evaded questions and who was potential.

What about the peace? It caught everybody by surprise on how Kenyans can get versatile ,some say it is the Obama speech that made them calm down but i hate to believe so,change comes from within an individual not by the words of someone who is thousand miles away,the Kenyans despite the conflicts they had in 2007 they decided willingly to make right choices ,they were quietly observing every move and yet today they are happy with the results .
Kenyatta wins presidency by slim margin in Kenyan election

The elections were crucial that it reminded me of Ghanaian-Swiss filmmaker Jarreth Merz who dared to make a film called "An African Election" the award-winning film of the 2008 presidential elections in Ghana (Grand Jury Winner, Atlanta Film Festival; "Best Documentary" at the AMAA in Lagos; nominated for an Independent Spirit award, etc.).I always thought if justice was not redeemed the danger that lurked will bring about fear.It is said justice is always sweet when it lands to the right person,and here we go Kenyan's made a wise choice..I congratulate you..
I wait eagerly for Tanzanians elections on the 2015,what have we to learn from the Kenyan's?

The below film trailer portrays how most African elections are..."An African Election"



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