Friday, March 1, 2013

A letter to my Teacher
Dear Mwalimu,

It might be such a long time since you taught me almost quarter of what i know,but since then i have had terrible nightmares and day dreaming,instantly not because you were among the hot teachers but because you were so cruddy and judging,well i barely forget how much you used to squeeze my tiny little buts and drop a weep on them,despite of how intelligent i was,placing some daftaris (books) on top of my behind forgetting you are my teacher way brave than me.

You were so judging that you thought me and my lads  were on something,i cant forget the daily visits at the staff room where more than five teachers (which i named them scavengers ) stare at us waiting  to weep our small little were so unkind that i thought i was an intervention!

The aim of this letter is not to embarrass you but its to clean my soul and of others that you bully,i really respect the work that you do and to mention you are so perfect on what you do but its ironic that you have a drinking problem coming to class smelling like a bar is so unfair,i wonder what you teach my brothers and sisters who still school.

Do you remember what you told me this other day “You are one of our best and brightest student and we have heard what you have started doing. We want you to stop because we care about you. Don’t get caught in the mess some of these other ones are in.” when you told me this i remember i sighed ,i hated how you always thought of me,i would like to tell you that you were wrong i wasn't using but right after saying this words i get to see you behind our class smoking cigarettes like buffly bombino ,every student admired how you could stunt your intake of  smoke with a bubbly sound,perhaps you never knew we were peeping but do you think its fair enough? what were you teaching us,i might say you are one catalyst of many students smoking.

Mwalimu how can i forget how your were so angry when you heard students were dating each other,the every day topics on how we should protect ourselves and abstain sex,every day meetings with parents reporting every couple at school,but what happened to all that were you bluffing ,the latest news is you impregnate a student,Let me congratulate you for having the fastest sperm, Some say coming out first in the sperm race makes you “a champion”well i say it makes you a dad and mwalimu you are dad of two children one being the one you impregnate ..Mwalimu you are quite unfair and yet you stand in front of the class and preach about dating if you haven't heard a Micheal Jackson song (may his soul rest in peace) that says look yourself in the Mirror please let me get you the recording.

Mwalimu i remember you coming in class and just ask me to stand and write notes for my fellow students,i don't understand was i that intelligent that you left the class under me and go do "God knows what",in a year i can barely remember how much you taught us,and yet every weekend i get to find a speed test on the board??

Mwalimu as much as i have more to write but today i will end here ,but i wouldn't get appeased if i don't ask ,why do students fail,are you not part of it??


(just a proverb) 


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