Friday, March 15, 2013

Photoshop, Ex Girlfriend And My Thoughts

My ex girlfriend just changed her Facebook profile pic, and it's just a Photoshopped version of her last one! what is the point? and she even forgot to delete the unphotoshopped one which makes it so obvious because her face is less bumpy (from foundation covering breakouts), gotten rid of a that strange birth mark thing she has, less shiny and more brown, eye lashes darker, eyes bigger (wtf?) and her cheeks are more red! she doesn't even look like this but it's how she would look if she was a perfect version of herself. She was even able to add some meat into her boom boom just to prove to her Facebook stalkers she is indeed "Mtoto Wa Tanga"


I think these folks who Photoshop themselves to look perfect have serious issues. I mean, talk about setting yourself up for failure. I don't understand whats the point of altering your image is when  people on your social network already know your fat and have an ugly face. Finding a mate will be twice as hard because people are getting deceived and you are wasting their time. You are basically making yourself look like a narcissistic attention ***** that is desperately trying to seek approval. Either go out and get plastic Surgery or get ready to live a loooong looong lonely lonely life! Unless your able to find a sociopath nutcase

It freaks me out because I've seen people get addicted to it and the whole "ur so pretty babes", "Aki wewe ni mhot" comments.I just think it's a bit pathetic because it means they took time out of your day to pose and photoshop their photo because they actually care THAT much of what people think of them :?

Too bad we can't Photoshop ourselves in real life. Oh wait, it's called makeup. ;)

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  1. i cant stand people who photoshop themselves including celebrities