Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Tribute To Hugo Chavez

A supporter of the leftist FMLN political party joins hundreds of people gathered in San Salvador del

Hugo Chavez was the real HERO of the poor people not only in Venezuela but in many Latin American countries and even hundreds of thousands Africans too. He was not a democratic leader but very strong will power,Messiah of poor people. 

God knows he was aware of his short life span, did not follow democracy but used democracy to remain in power and help utmost to the poor and down graded human beings. Millions will cry for his demise and may be others capitalists and reactionary foes will celebrate his departure. I salute to this great soul, who had guts to stand-up to the world powers and rather than bow down to their dictates,He dictated his own socialist plans.

 Never knew you,and dare say you had your downsides. But i will always recall the hard yards you did for the poor in your homeland My Impression of you is that of a honest man with integrity though possibly with too much enthusiasm.

 Chavez once recounted advice that Fidel Castro had given him, that one man cannot represent a movement, that it must continue even after he has gone

         "A president of the people, Hasta siempre comandante"


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