Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ok, The Harlem Shake Is Now Boring!

This Harlem shake thing is the most ridiculous, waste of time, dumb thing the Internet could have ever brought to us and I'm so sad, disappointed. I don't even know the word to use but I hate to see people I respect so much getting this crazy thing recorded and publicly. Yeah sure, we can all have fun and all. But this is just too much! That's just my opinion, and just as you have the right to embarrass yourself publicly, I have the right to express my opinion, publicly!


Harlem Shake funny quotes:

  1. All these Harlem shake videos make me sad. People are just being stupid. They have no idea what the Harlem shake actually is, not how doing it, they just make fools of themselves.
  2. For the people who don't like the "Harlem shake" viral video. Get a life; obviously it’s not the real Harlem Shake. So keep your stupid comments to yourself and stop hating on it just because it’s popular right now and you aren’t. Stop fishing for attention.
  3. Everyone was doing the cup song but now everyone is doing the Harlem shake.
  4. That awkward moment when the common room plays the Harlem shake!
  5. I must be the only person that hasn't a clue what the Harlem shake is?
  6. Well I've just checked out this 'Harlem Shake' I have no words whatsoever to describe it. I think I'll go to sleep now. Yeah, sleep sounds good about now.
  7. I wish they would give me a chance to star in a video. Hint, Harlem Shake Part II.
  8. After Gangnam Style, The Harlem Shake is the most bizarre thing I have ever seen.
  9. The Harlem shake video was hilarious and a huge success. I am exhausted. I think my corsets are becoming a signature look for me.
  10. I seem to remember doing the Harlem shake in the rock bar. I do hope it was just a dream.
  11. This "Harlem Shake" stuff is starting to become something it's NOT!
  12. These Harlem shake videos are annoying me now; I don't want to see like 20 a day on my feed.
  13. I am getting tired and sick of this Harlem shake. Come on, now it's just pathetic.
  14. Am I getting old, because it won't find this Harlem Shake craze funny at all?
  15. The Harlem shake is just a clear indication of how music can clearly brainwash you, I personally find it very annoying alongside the fact the residents of Harlem find it an insult.
  16. That Harlem shakes stupid noise is so annoying, what's the fuss!
  17. What labor the Harlem shake you speak of?
  18. Go to Youtube. Search for do the Harlem shake and press enter. Then wait without pressing any video. Youtube will dance the Harlem shake.
  19. Harlem Shake is an excuse to show your underwear and post it online.
  20. I want to know why The Stig has not performed The Harlem Shake yet.
  21. I think the Harlem shake dance is an insult to New Yorkers and I am not even from New York.
  22. Harlem let the shake!
  23. Watching Harlem shake videos are making my stomach hurt from laughter!
  24. I hate the whole Harlem shake craze but it is the fact that Youtube did a Google Easter egg with their site with it.
  25. So the Harlem shake is pretty much just people dancing in the style of a seizure?
  26. For every Harlem Shake video that's made, how many fairies die?
  27. If you are not watching these funny Harlem Shake videos people are making, you are absolutely right.
  28. I am proud to say I still don't know what the Harlem Shake is, who Lady Gaga is or what she sings, one song by the Bieber, or really most any modern pop-culture garbage of the last 10 years.
  29. LMS idea of the day: 20 likes and me and my cousins will do the Harlem shake in a random spot.
  30. There was a story on the news where they discussed whether or not the "Harlem Shake" is being overdone. Have you ever met the internet?
  31. For every Harlem shake video made a kitten or puppy dies keep that in mind.
  32. My favorite Harlem Shake video is the one where everybody dies.
  33. The "Harlem shake" that's going viral is an insult to real Harlem residents.
  34. I was just starting to understand what Gangnam style is and now there's a Harlem Shake.
  35. If you post videos of Harlem Shake, you insult the entire duration of human evolution.


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