Tuesday, March 19, 2013

6 worst Jobs in Tanzania..

jobs are categorized in many ways ,either you earn a fortune or less that's your job,the early waking and driving to the office can explain that we  love our jobs but yet their people out there that are not married to their jobs,they just work to put a meal on the table for the kids,others work just for the sake,There are days when we all feel like we have the worst job in the world. But when you actually quantify aspects of every job and compare one to another, there’s a definite measurable difference between jobs that are considered pretty good and those that aren’t.

In Tanzania not every job is the best in terms of payments,security and healthcare,today i am to list a number of worst jobs in Tanzania.

  1.  Water Vendors

Water vendors or we nickname them water boy's,this can already be top worst job since it takes largely high energy on fetching and poor earning,according to Salehe Kifinyo the most famous water boy in Sinza "I use a lot of energy collecting water and yet i sell one bucket at 200 tshs..and in a day i can only sell up to 15 bucket"..salehe speaks again "All the money i earn in aday ends up feeding me in lunch hours".

2.Garbage Collector
The pay is relatively not descent,the environment they work in is healthy wise not good ,and others don't even properly cover themselves..John Kalunde a garbage truck driver had something to tell me "I pity myself and other collectors,our bosses care less about us,we daily get infected with bacteria,i have been treating myself from Enter-amoeba coli this lately,and what we surely earn from this job cant even help one to take their kids to school"

Fisherman or in Swahili Wavuvi,they determine their pay through to what they fish,but their work is so dangerous that they have to go fishing at night,"we have had of may cases on people leaving their houses for fishing and they entirely don't show up again"they perish like nobodies business ,we use days finding them but with no luck ,says Sudi".

4.Night security guard
Usually a screw off job, but can be really dangerous and has universally bad pay and hours,the risk this guards have is so high and yet they are not paid well.

5.Waiters and waitresses.


Wait staff spend long shifts on their feet. They take the brunt for slow cooks or a wrong order and don't have a great outlook for their career. They also have among the lowest salaries:
6.Prison Guards
usually good benefits and pay for skills required, so a lot like the military, but far more dangerous on the daily.


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