Saturday, March 16, 2013

R.I.P E-sir!!

His name resembles mine that's one thing that made me love this artist,sometimes i believe the name carries talent,Born Issah Mmari, on May 20, 1981 in California Estate, and raised in South c estate Nairobi, Kenya, E-Sir was a Kenyan hip hop artist signed to the Ogopa DJs label who was famous for his deft lyrical ability and command of the Swahili language. He is still widely regarded as one the best rappers to emerge on the Kenyan hip hop scene.
I remember tracks like moss moss and bumba would always start a rave on weekends,E-sir's talent cant easily be forgotten ,his work is tattooed in our hearts and brains..
Many would say E-sir and B.I.G  had a connection,sure there are things that resemble among them Just like Jeff Omondi says,Notorious BIG was born on 21/05/1972 while E-SIR was born on 20/05/1981,a difference of their birthdates is 1 day.

A look at their names Christopher and Issah, personal thought is that Christopher is derived from Christ the Mesiah. In the same thought, Issah is the Arabic name for Jesus the Mesiah.

Biggy's death was a shocker to the whole music world, a lot was expected of him. More sad was the fact that he was on a promotional tour of his album to be released in 3 weeks’ time in California. Same applies to his Kenyan protege, Nakuru was to be be the place where he would last perform, giving fans a taste of what they would expect from his 'Nimefika' album that was to be released a few weeks later.

Coincidentally Notorious BIG died on 09/03/1997 and E-SIR on 16/03/2003 making the difference of their memorial exactly 1 week (7 days).

when Issah's tracks are played it feels like yesterday,today the Kenyan radio's are playing E-sir's songs but not forgetting the brother country here in Tanzania we are also paying much respect to one of the legends i would say,I guess you all recall south C's finest,i believe e-sir could do wonders if he were to live ,if i was told to say one word for him i would say "LEGEND" since is the main mentor that made youth in Nairobi envy his style and music...

May your soul rest in Peace,we shall always remember you!!!


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