Thursday, March 7, 2013

A key factor in making a great actor

 Discipline: A key factor in making a great actor
If I was to ask what makes one to be a great actor, I’m pretty sure some of the answers I would get include; great acting skills, ability to improvise in difficult scenes and so on and so forth.
In real sense, what makes a great actor is whether the actor is disciplined or not.
Most actors I know are not disciplined and I’m not sure if most of you would agree with me. What exactly do I mean by the term discipline?
When I talk of discipline in an actor’s world, I mean an actor’s diligence on and off set/stage. If you are an actor, are you the type of actor who gives the director a hard time on stage or on set? Are you the type that is always locking horns with fellow actors?
Producers and Directors can attest that, some actors are always a pain in the neck and are difficult to deal and work with. Directors always complain that actors do not observe time and are always late which then lags the production behind schedule.
Other actors decide not to follow what the directors tell them to do and they’d rather do what pleases them. It’s always said that actors are egocentric making them to lack elements of discipline.
Roughly 95% of the great stars in Hollywood are disciplined and that is what makes them a success story. Those who aren’t have their own shows and let’s just say they can afford to be undisciplined and get away with it.
For how long though? In reference to Charlie Sheen (2 and ½ Men), he was a great actor and we all loved him but his downfall (well, apart from the drugs and hookers) was lack of discipline on set that got him fired. The producers had heard enough of him and they showed him the door knowing very well that he was such a great asset to the production.
Another good example is Megan Fox (Transformers 1 & 2). She gave director Michael Bay a hard time even going to the extent of calling him Adolf Hitler. What happened to Transformers 3? She was also shown the door and her role was cut out just because of lack of discipline.
So, to all actors , whom think the world revolves around them, be weary because no producer/director likes to work with an egoistic actor.
There are thousands of actors out there looking for jobs and can replace you ASAP even if you are a great actor. Nobody wants to work with a hardheaded person who is always constantly a problem. Let the world revolve around you offset but not during working hours.
As an actor, are you disciplined or not? Ask yourself; do you arrive on set/stage on time? Do you adhere to the rules and regulations of the production? Do you cope with fellow cast members or crew well? Do you take corrections from the director well?

Mark Kaiyare


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