Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stop Whining, Do Something For Your Yountry


Just the other day I went to work my ass off like a programmed machine. Within minutes, I was complaining about the new program I was working on. My friend Euberstein next door couldn't help it and decided to come over to my cube. "Stop whining damn it", he shouted. "If you don't like it, do something about it", he kept on. He then leaned over closer to me and whispered:

1. Do you know why more than 90% of major media corporations are owned by jews?

2. Do you know why there are more than 10 jewish senators in the US senate while jews are less than 5% of the US population?

3. Do you know why every major company in the world has a jewish hand or head?

4. Do you know why hollywood is owned and controlled by jews?

5. Do you know why the signs "NO JEWS OR BLACKS" are no longer in the US beaches?

6. Do you know why most jews are in the finance and technology industry?


on and on.... when I answered that I don't know, he is because back in the days Jews stopped whining and decided to do something about themselves.

Well, as I looked around, I realized that most names in my department were actually Jewish. Most software programs in this company are written by jews before they are sent to india for development.

Waooo what a surprise. Few years ago, most Americans in the south hated jews so much that they likened them with niggers. Few years ago, most conservatives in America hated the "liberal media" because they associated the media with liberal jews. It is no surprise that they all jumped on to embrace FOX News thinking that they were getting something non-jewy before they were disappointed to learn that Rupert Murdoch has a jewish mother (which makes him- a jew).

Euberstein insisted that if I didnt like the program I was working on, I then should write a new one or develop my own (or start my own company) program. In essence, what he ment was the fact that; after realizing how much they were hated by the world, Jews decided to get themselves into the media (for PR), politics (policy), wars (security), technology (control), finance(to buy love), etc just to save themselves from the looming hell.

I always have my personal laptop on at work (jamboforums is also my web page). As I turned around to read new posts, I couldn't help it but lough at myself and my people. Tanzanians and most Africans are very good at complaining about their problems and misfortunes but also very good at doing nothing.

I voted for Augustine Mrema in 1995 election (first election to participate and probably the last) hoping that he would bring changes to the country and get rid of corrupted CCM leaders. Ten years later, I don't know if I should take my vote back or just shut up and move on. One thing I know for sure, I will try to get rid of corrupted African leaders by any means (even force) or I will just move on and permanently become the US citizen and start doing something about my life in the new adopted country.


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