Monday, May 20, 2013


"beep,brrrzzzz!! (cell phone vibrating)

I quickly opened the text,the excitement i had was unbearable,i hadn't have this feeling for quite sometime..the text made my mouth salivary ,i caressed my lips with my tongue,my nerves were hot ,wondering what is she to say this time.I felt i was all alone in the entire face creased up like a child who has been hurt...

"i love your muscles,you are so sweet always tense around you!!

She gave me the super star compliments,the one that people like Channing Tatum can get ,i would say that since its the first from such an exquisite lady,i got startled and breathed in ...i answered the compliment with a simple thank you,didn't want to write much since i was trying to be calm ,pretending that it was something that i heard before..the gentlemen style of overcoming a situation.

"You have the looks that any girl will die for,you make love like a Serengeti Simba"

This text cracked me up,i couldn't hold my excitement..i couldn't smile, all i wanted is to jump and show the world how happy i was that there is some girl out there that appreciates my petting ,so i stood up from my desk and started screaming like a psycho...

Everybody in class turned and looked at me,Mwalimu kijanga stopped writing on the board and he turned with shock,he threw a piece of chalk which it hit my face..i felt embarrassed and that's how i lost my cell phone..  


the above short story is to elaborate how cell phones can be destructive at school,i tried to set some scenes so that you can get to see how young girls and boys can easily get confused when having their handsets with them at school..The increase in cell phone usage has expanded into our children’s schools. Many children in today’s society carry a cell phone to school.

I came a cross an article that stated ...

" Many children have found themselves to be victims of cell phone abuse. Students often use cell phones to spread rumors and misinformation. This misinformation can be difficult for the victim to digest and can be quite stressful for a young child to comprehend. This act of misinformation has resulted in the death of several children after their private information and unsubstantiated information had been spread with the use of cell phones. State and local officials have begun to develop laws that establish strong consequences for the spread of personal information. These consequences include fines, jail time and possible sex offender status.

At some point i would say cell phones at school is the best idea if not abused,few of students understand that ..i will try to list down some advantage and disadvantage of having cellphones at school..

  • Distraction
Distraction is a major problem ,like on the scenes i tried to set ,you have probably seen how one can get distracted,cellphones in class can easily be used since it is silent and devices can be concealed under desks. Even if teachers do not allow cell phone use in their classrooms, students can become distracted if they receive incoming calls or messages, and phones ringing or vibrating can disrupt class.

  • Parent Communication  
advantage of  having a cell phone in school it allows children to communicate with parents in case of any emergencies,this is to why this days children don't have trouble contacting their parents if Mr.Kijanga bullies them..

am not sure if cellphones should be banned at schools but even if a school or a certain class does not allow cell phone use, students may ignore the rules, and it can be difficult to catch cell phone users. Even if they are caught, enforcing rules takes time and creates a distraction in and of itself. Some feel it may be better to allow students that want to distract themselves with texting to do so, rather than force the entire class to wait as the texter is reprimanded by the teacher.

So should cellphones be banned at school??


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