Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tanzania under 30 successful names..


  • Patrick Ngowi

Nine years ago, Patrick Ngowi, 28, received a small loan from his mother to start off a business. He started off selling Chinese mobile phones, but when he discovered that a tiny fraction of Tanzanians enjoyed any access to stable and reliable electricity, he knew he had to rectify that problem. Ngowi set up Helvetic Solar Contractors Limited, a company that is a pioneer in the supply, installation and maintenance of solar systems throughout the Northern Circuit of Tanzania. Helvetic Solar Contractors is the first company in the Northern Circuit to cater for Solar needs. The company did about $3 million in revenues last year. Read more about Patrick Ngowi and Helvetic Solar here.


  • Hashim Thabit Manka
Hasheem Thabeet (born Hashim Thabit Manka on February 16, 1987 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) is a Tanzanian professional basketball player who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. At 7 ft 3 in (2.21 m), Thabeet is the tallest active player in the NBA.He was drafted as the 2nd pick overall by the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2009 NBA Draft after playing with the Connecticut Huskies. Thabeet was the tallest player ever to play for the Huskies. He did not begin to play basketball until the age of 15, when he began to watch pickup games in Tanzania. When first recruited from Tanzania, Thabeet was fluent in Swahili and French but knew little English..Thabeet is the son of Thabit Manka and Rukia Manka. He has one sister, Sham, and one brother, Akbar.
Thabit has done a lot to the Tanzanian community and he is counted as one of the most paid athletes from Tanzania..


  • Naseeb Abdul / Diamond Platinumz
 Born in Kigoma  as Naseeb Abdul ,25..he is the most paid artist in Tanzania and  he has done most shows.He owns various assets in the country ..Diamond is also the most famous artist in the country since his name appears in almost every magazine and newspapers ..He has shared a stage with some international artists like Rick Ross and Ludacris ..The "mbagala" hit maker works hard and devotes a lot to his music.Being a trendsetter, promoters have pay a lot of chunk to have this guy perform...He is currently the Coca-cola boy...the new ambassador for coca cola zero..  

  • Osse Greca Sinare,22.
 A young Tanzanian photographer ,much known of his creativity and superb portraits ...Osse believes one should do what he loves the most ,he loves photography,art,graphic designing,meeting new people and living life to the fullest..As young as he is he has received different interviews from within the country and out...his name and his work has appeared in some of the most popular websites like Africa-vogue,fashion ,FAS mgazine and Msongo..not only websites,some fashion presenters couldn't let this young innovator pass an interview..Osse achieved the 2012 best fashion photographer (Swahili fashion week)...He has also devoted his time and energy to support different worthy causes in the country e.g..Nipe fagio (i am the change)..

  • Jokate Mwegelo (kidoti)
 This young innovator she is a self made and highly acclaimed local  TV personality ,she was well known after her participation in the miss Tanzania beauty contest in  2006 ,she became the first runner up winning different  titles of the night as the Redds fashion ambassador and The citizen news paper ambassador.

After her success in the fashion industry she recently launched her label known as Kidoti premiere with clothing and hair line ..the clothing line accented by funky feminine coats in vibrant African fabrics and pants,the hairline features bouncy soft curls at varied lengths for the girls.

She has signed different deals ,like the South African Channel (Channel O)..she has also supported different worthy causes empowering women and children.  

  • Flaviana Matata, 25.
 Born in shinyanga...Matata won the first edition of the Miss Universe Tanzania pageant in 2007, and went on to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant the same year, where she was placed among the Top 15 semifinalists and ended up in 6th place after the evening gown competition. She was the first contestant from Tanzania to compete at Miss Universe 2007, and compete with a shaved head. 

Matata has modelled print advertisements for Sherri Hill. In March 2011 she won the Model of the Year award by Arise Magazine at Lagos Fashion Week; she has also featured in the magazines Dazed & Confused, Glass Magazine, L'Officiel and i-D Magazine. Matata has also done some runway modelling for brands like Mustafa Hassanali, Vivienne Westwood, Tory Burch, Suno, and Louise Gray and has featured in the Alexander McQueen film tribute and Topshop Spring 2011 ad campaign.She was soon featured on the diesel and +edun ads..Flaviana matata who was awarded the "Face of Africa" has touched the lives of many women and young girls through her ongoing campaigns under the Flaviana foundation..
  • Wema Sepetu ,24.
The Bongo Queen as she is titled,the newspapers face..the Miss Tanzania 2006 winner,an Entrepreneur ,actress and self made..Despite her public slaughter by the countries news paper about her private life and her adventures with ex-boyfriend Diamond Platinumz..This beauty queen has it is said she is the most popular celebrity in the country earning a lot from her self made company "Endless fame"that deals with movie production and other lucrative private initiatives..
Recently she signed a sweet deal with one of the largest hair line's company in Tanzania.....The signed deal makes her one of the most expensive and powerful female celebrity in the country..

  • Nancy Sumari ,27.   
Nancy Abraham Sumari is a former Miss World Finalist turned model, and is now Managing Partner at Frontline Management Limited,an Events and Corporate Communication firm, and also a co-founder of The Tanzania Women of Achievement Awards. She was selected as Miss Tanzania 2005, later competed at Miss World 2005 where she placed in the top 6, and won the title Continental Queen of Africa for 2005. Sumari was born in Arusha, Tanzania, in 1986 to Abraham Simango Sumari. She is one of five children...She owns her own website specially dedicated to Mom's..  recently she decided to put her feelings into papers and successful she launched her new book titled "NYOTA YAKO" Celebrating the strong women of Tanzania...after having her own child it inspired Nancy and she decided to support much on the mothers and children causes..

  • Millard Ayo
Mentioned as one of the most powerful and highly acclaimed local radio personality ,perhaps because of his powerful voice and the talent he has..this ladies lover has signed different deals in the country ...his journey started as a presenter at a local TV station ITV...right now he is conducting among the most famous radio program known as "amplifier" under Clouds FM...Millard recently got a super deal from Multichoice DSTV as a reporter ...and this deal makes him one solid kid in the country...
His radio show is listed among the most listened radios shows of all time,among presenters in the country he leads with the most followers on social networks..This kid keeps it low profile but different sources say he owns some few assets...

  • Doreen Noni,23..
Many knew her after seeing her work during the epic Bongo star search after she dressed the contestants to kill...Doreen Noni a powerful young innovator ,a fashion designer and a business lady ..she is the head of designer at the ESKIDO BIRDS..a company that she runs..her inspiration came from her mother who owned a boutique in she decided to continue her mothers legacy 2008 that's when she caught our attention doing some unique kitenge fabrics 2011 swahili fashion week she won two awards ..the best upcoming designer of the year and most impressive stands..Noni was one of the 70 carefully selected global shapers from 36 countries to attend the first ever global shapers delegation in Switzerland hosted by the world economic forum,representing her ESKADO bird. 

****to be continued**** 


  1. Please some do not deserve to be on the list. WEMA SEPETU has nothing big to be on the list. where is VANESSA MDEE, AY and the rest? thats why our media sources let us down because of lack of detailed research.

  2. A.Y is above 30...and the list isn't over's to be continued as more research is done...keep following vanessa might be there..thank you..

  3. Whats the criteria here?we have so many other successful young people who are doing it on their own..self made labels..vanessa mdee? Carol Ndosi? Salama Jabir? So many more in the corporate ladder too..

  4. Thank you for the add,as you see the article is to have a continuation ..there more that aren't mentioned..keep following..

  5. Wema Sepetu is surely one of the smartest Tanzanians i have ever met..Surely regretting why i judged her before i met her..Pure Street Smarts!!

  6. The biggest under 30's in this country don't want to be found out...its never about fame when your doing it right...

  7. success sio lazima uwe na hela...kibongo bongo jina linatosha tuu..

  8. Mhh...I guess everyone has a different definition of success.

  9. What about corporate leaders, there are sooo many, or u have to be a miss universe, music artist, or famous to make this list?? Mmmmmhhh

  10. That was nice n very encouraging. Looking forward to more smart n succesful young ladies n gents.

  11. Well done fella, keep up the good work

  12. where is sammatta

  13. I agree nansy, flavian matata & joket to be on the list, bt " wema"??! Dout it, to be onest she shld nerver even hv to be on the same level as these gals as she has nothng worth it..cuz km ndo hvy i guess list yk imebez umaarufu n sio hw much they make!!!..

  14. What is Wema doing on the list,she's not worthy to be there at all...what does she have????? Wema is just a cerebrity with nothing. Come on!!rewrite this list.

  15. The list deserves only two people...They could be successful but what are they doing to help the community? How many are involve in anything? Hardly two of those up there and some are not even good role models....Also being famous is not equal to being successful....And there are those who are older than they claim to be.....and also you have left so many young successful in different fields...medical, cooperate, politicians...just because some are on the news everyday it doesn't mean anything.....

  16. I think it should be done deep research to have this list.We have many who did great and still up than all in this list.
    Patrick Ngowi will get back his fruit,for what he did with his mother and sister which leads his father death. Ooh Epaphra Paul Ngowi may you stay in peace Amen.

  17. Sijajua ulitumia vigezo gani but reserch yako ni ya uongo kuna watu wengi ambao wako vzuri zaidi ya hao hawako kwa hii list but cjajua wema amaingiaje hap??????????????even Miladi Ayo....

  18. wema!!!!???? amesaidiaje jamii ama ana positive impact gani,millard ayo nae si sana!!hapo flavy,nancy sawa.hata vanesa mdee amefanya nini kwa community mpaka awe hapo!!kuna rebecca gyumi anakuja kwa kasi akisaidia jamii na anafanya vizuri kwa passion na very hard working...

  19. Hope this is your hypothesis that one day either wema sepetu or millad ayo will be but now your article is biased.Ingekuwa vema ungejadili utajili walionao.Angalia Mbwana samatta, and even politicians like Joshua nathari.Anyway huo ulihuwa ni mtazamo wako

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