Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why i want to be Rich..

Yes the heading says it well,of course any one would want to be wealthy..i have been saying this since i was a kid,used to admire people with fancy cars good women and how they wore their suits and tie.
After all the trouble in my school time i would definitely need some things to ease down the academic mockery and that would probably be richness..happiness and wealth...

  • Eat whatever i want.
Yes,i am trying to express my love for food ,i hope am not awkward at some point..and if you think i am forgive me for that but its one thing why i want to be rich...i can choose to eat any type of food ,especially the foreign cuisine..Turkish and Ethiopian mostly..

  • I hate being told what to do.
Oh the pride i have sure makes me hate to be told what to do,i sure hate the fact that  my Boss  scolds at me and plans what i should do the entire week..

  • I hate dependency
You don’t begin a new job expecting to be laid off. But it happens, and today with more frequency. Too often we may not even realize just how dependent we are until we’re faced with our personal wake-up call. As long as i can make money i will never be depending..i will be that independent guy that wont ask you for a ride or will give me what i want and i wont depend on any one..

  • Explore the world
I would love to go trekking around my home continent Africa,also places like Asia,and even South America..traveling to different places learning their culture eat their foods and try to speak their language.

  • Create opportunities for others
they say richness/wealth makes you selfish ,might be true but all i know it is also a point of building opportunities to others,by creating jobs to the one 's in need ,Rich people create wealth ,which from it we all benefit,may it be the employee ,investors or customers we all benefit..a good example is Patrick Ngowi one of  successful names in Tanzania through him many have become rich..

  • I can own my time
There is that say .."time is money"...sure it is..time can only define it..I hate selling my time. I hate that there are things in life that I need and currently, the only way I can get them is by selling my time in exchange for money.You might be wondering how?? In my College time i had to sacrifice each day 2 hours to work in a Restaurant and after i would be paid for my time..isn't that slavery really??

  •  Being Famous..
Fame can be good ,but also can get you to where you don't wish..but all i love is that fame you have because of your money..the world will always know about you ..everyone will know who you are and you really dont have to care who they are and its well okay...

  • Give my family great opportunities..
If you always thought of me being a pervert you are wrong, i love my family and i thank them for the descent me and the integrity  ,being rich will make me give a better future and great opportunities to my Kids ,Parents ,wife...and good people..

  • Supporting worthy causes
I was told by my Dad one who gives away on worthy causes get even more..and yes thats what i am to do...there many NGO's that are trying to change the world,and they all need support from donors...if am rich i have more i can give away to worthy causes..

  • Master myself
  Ryan Waggoner had the same final thing that i was thinking of,so i decided to share it..
Finally, one of the best things about getting rich, I’ve heard, is not the destination, but the journey. Becoming a millionaire is something that most people can technically do, but statistically, few of them will. It’s just too hard. Controlling your finances, investing, starting a company, and other paths to wealth are all difficult and require a lot of personal growth and development for most people. One of the best lessons in John’s blog post is the first one: “I can get rich.” Once you’ve done it, it’s much easier to do it again, because you believe in yourself, and because you’ve mastered yourself, at least to some degree.

If there is any reasons that will make me work hard to attain richness..the above are ..i want to have it all..but moreover anything that is too much is not good..But i still want to be rich,and well i understand there is no shortcut to it..all i can say to myself is good luck to my endeavours..


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