Sunday, May 26, 2013

Burry me!! No Mourning!!


Over the weekend i went to pass my condolence to a friend who lost somebody special in her life... one thing one should know i don't like funerals ,they give me goosebumps ,and not because i hate paying sympathy but i always have cold feet when i attend them..

After we arrived at the site,we had to go and show some compassion to the family members and especially the ladies who were sitting in a certain room,i have this apprehensive manner when it comes to greeting a large number of people..

As we entered inside my third eye spotted a lot of things,one being the eye's slaughter from the touched ladies,i surely didn't know what i was to say..i thought of greeting them but i felt they wouldn't reply ,at the same time i thought of not greeting them and also felt they will conclude how pervert i was..

We passed through and i did it the African way knelt on my knees and embraced half of the touched women hands we finished we all went outside to join other guys ,and that's when i noticed someone who made me raise millions of questions what is the real meaning of a funeral..

I understand in some other culture funerals are not worthy,people don't even cry ,some they just do the burial and go back home to continue with other issue's,but unlike where i come from..let me paint some scenes for your appraisal ..

 5 feet gentleman ,with brunet hairs and a thorny mustache wearing his denim jeans and uneven green t-shirt,perhaps the busiest man at the funeral..he made me wonder how closely is he related to the lost soul..he was always holding a book which in the end i noticed it was a contribution book ..he was also the most famous guy  ,that i knew because everyone was calling his name..

After sometime there was a tantalizing smell of  mandazi and nyama from the kitchen,i decided to go and help the kitchen staff ,being honest i didn't go to help because i was feeling sorry for the staff but it's because of the inevitable force of the amoebas that were intensely chewing my gastrointestinal...

But unluckily the 5 feet gentleman called Iddi came and asked me to leave the staff alone ,so i left the kitchen with abashment,as i was heading outside i noticed there was a big obese lady  who was wiping away tears with creased corner of her tattered kanga ..i understood how touched she was..

As i went further i found teenagers smoking and others drinking,others chewing miraa..i got startled and asked myself more questions..but at the far end i found some group of old man who were busy complaining that food was late ,and the kitchen staff was delaying the mandazi...

I tried to paint some scenes for your appraisal ,my major point is people are seriously loosing the true meaning of a funeral this days..most of what mourners do at funerals ...

  • I came to understand most mourners go to funerals to get some large portion of food,no wonder most of them complain when they get less..according to my religion it is said that the lamenters should carry food from home and bring some portion to the misfortune family,but that's something that is ignored..some will even carry plastic bags with them to carry the remaining to their homes..
  • Some just go to funerals to turn them into pubs...they will gather around and start drinking..
  • Some just go to sleep..
  • some go to make friends 
  • Some go to get husbands and wives
  • Some go to make babies
  • Some really go to embrace the misfortune family
  • Some go to steal from others
  • some go so that they can lie to their bosses next day that somebody very very close from the family passed away.
  • Over all things only 10 % of the mourners go for the real cause..
whats the use then ,i lost somebody i truly love ,i have to concentrate on the pain but also i have to concentrate contributing money and feeding you..why not show sympathy and bring me the food... ??

Note:where am from it takes almost 2 weeks for burial...(no sense in that)

Burry me!! and no Mourning!!


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