Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reasons to why i dont attend concerts..

Hold on your horses ,don't let the heading deceive you,not that i don't go to concerts any more but just trying to find a better heading rather than saying "8 Things That Annoy Me About Concerts" a party animal,i love anything called a concert and to be clear a good concert is nothing without,the music, hot baby mama's,booze and the rave,that's how pervert you can call me.

Despite loving them concerts ,there things that they surely have made me fed up ,after reading this many will understand what i think.The following are 10 completely subjective things that annoy me about concert-going in this days.

  1. Ticket Prices.  
I have noticed day by day tickets prices become more dense,the fact that one has to pay about 100,000 /= tshs at the gate for a 3 hours show doesn't bring any sense,moreover you also have to struggle finding the tickets ..if one has to buy online tickets has to pay extra fee to get the might think am a penny -pincher but am not trying to act stingy all am saying its getting too much...sometimes i pay the cash and yet the artist don't quench my rhythm thirst.

 If this is not happening in your lovely country say AMEN,i pay to go and listen somebody sing not the playback from his mix tape or album,if that's what i all wanted i could call upon my lads to warm my house,switch on trace channel and enjoy the vibes. Artist use 3 hours just being absurd walking around at the stage holding their pants and faking them singing/rapping while its the CD at the background playing.Use live bands for god sake.

3.watching a show around a flock of  smartphones and i Pads.
I sometimes rarely see the artist on stage,i wonder where are the so called "vibaka"(thieves) these day's,they can fix this people having the manner of wanting to record the whole show on their smartphones,"excuse me"!! we all pay to have an enjoying concert,not that i don't have a smart phone to also record ,but whats the point ,i see the show with my naked eyes why record then??it sucks when people next to you are taller and they are all taking snaps with their smartphones...aaaarrrgggghhh!!!

4.Big Mouth's (Talkers)
I have always been complaining of absurd people who just want to be noticed by their talking,i went to a concert where we had the lovely RnB singer from Tanzania called Linah,as i was enjoying the show this dazed girl started with all the shouting "OMG...OMGGGG...shez splendid ,my brother schooled with her,ohhh Linah i love yooouuuuuu....Jamani....Linah you rock my world"...PPPssshh

Imagine somebody screaming all that at your ear,please come to your senses ,let Linah rock your world but don't rock my ear girl..!

In concerts many have different perspectives and intentions,some go to have fun and others to steal things..pick pockets,burglars,carjackers and many kind of thieves,this worries me at concerts..

6.Parking Catastrophe
When it comes to outdoor concerts parking is always a problem ,i will always get trouble parking my worn out beetle (lool),it also gets me troubled when the show is over..i can always have problems finding my way out.

7.Going to the Bathroom
I recently attended to one famous concert hosted by a certain radio station in my country,it was a good concert but what made me hate it is when i went to the bathroom,i surely couldn't conduct my call due to the bathroom being a pool of urine,vomit and stool..i had to go back...that's how things can get ugly at the bathroom concerts.

8.Short shows
I don't get the point where a veteran like Juma nature or professor Jay go on stage and only sing two songs and goes off the stage ,while these artists have more than 5 albums...its owkei for the upcoming ones with only one song but not the juma nature's.


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