Thursday, May 9, 2013


Was it my kicks in your uterus?
Did i hurt you when i was joyous!
That i had to dance and prance,
To the rhythm of your blood stream,

was it the dizziness that you felt?
When i was twisting and turning
From the right to the left,
Enjoying the food we ate.

Was it the unconcealed big stomach
That you developed
When i turned five month old?

Tell me,
Tell me almost mother!

Did you hate my name 'fetus'
that you had to change it to 'aborted baby'
or you didnt want me in your uterus,
you wanted another kind of baby

why did you have to go to arbotion clinic?
Was it your friends' advice
To end my life so quick
Without even blinking twice?

I was supposed to be your first born,
You denied me that right,
Now im just smooth bones,
Eaten by termites and ants

you were supposed to be my mother,
And you almost were,
But i know you as a murderer,
That never care,

Are You happy now?

nel-sonofAfrica - acknowledged


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