Friday, May 10, 2013



Morning my beautiful princess,
that smile is so flawless,
i cant help the brag,
your far beyond breathless,
everyday is a tale,
under your sweet fortress
i love you ain't the words, 
coz your love is far beyond priceless,
they say a man's trash,
could be a player's treasure,

two minutes of your time,
looks like sweet forever,
a friend or sister,
tender love beyond measure,

my heart was at war,
but your affection fell to my surrender,
mistakes of my past,
died by your magical touch,

your smile is my priority,
most definitely your blush,
Indian or Italian lovi davi,
pasta or chilli curry,

African Bantu figure,
that makes my soul linger,
for your care,
most of all your attention,

the world is a rush,
but girl your motivation,
hip hop on the move,
little jazz to dance with ya,
sit down and relax,

see the perfect picture



sura yake ya ajabu,
nimtazamapo sikosi jawabu,
sijawahi kupata taabu,
kwa msichana huyu mwenye adabu,
sitaki kwenda naye club,

huko kuna mambo ya ajabu
nimpendavyo ntapata thawabu,
si kwa Mungu hata toka kwa mababu,

lips zake za ujazo,
kumbusu sipati katazo,
penzi langu kwake si la ku'puzzle,
mimi naye hakuna haja ya mawazo,
Mungu akipenda ntampa ujazo

ew mfitini chuki zako ruhusa uende nazo,
mimi na bibie hakuna vikwazo,

the last man standing,
is the main man claiming,
king of the Queen,
respected in any school like Dean,

I'd recite my verses,
your ears are my dear,
listen to my words clear
flavor through your ears, 

convey a feeling which can heal,
love is what we both feel,
fighting each others shall not come up btn us to thrill,
i do keep it real,
after long walk I got you just like Scott Jill,
You are my LOVE for real..
ain't no silly,

lets love each others for real. 


Ooh African queen,

your hips are mountainous like mahale
on the shores of lake Tanganyika,
your complexion is as black as ebony,
ooh queen of Africa, 

your lips are reddish and wet like dew upon the red rose...
your hair falls upon your cheek like a tail of a black hoarse,

your voice is melodic like songbirds of Serengeti,
your type is rare like a shade beneath a tree in Sahara desert,

your tongue is filled with African ancient wisdom and knowledge,
your accent is purely African unmingled with foreign language,

your eyes twinkle like two stars in the dark sky
Your colorful Kangas reveal the beauty of your thick thighs,
you look so natural,

your teeth hidden slightly by your lips shine like a precious mineral,
your physical features are genuinely Afrocentric,
QUEEN you deserve a throne placed on top of Kilimanjaro at Uhuru peak,

ooh African queen you who I've fallen for..
like a leaf On the highway,
you who my soul is craving for unto thee i say,

Makeda the beauty queen of sheba,
King Solomon was your alpha,
let me be your King omega.



My African queen,

serve me with your smile bright and long,
longer than Nile black and soft skin,
softer than Spanish tile promise to keep you in my heart,

in that special file what is food when you are here,
with you my empty stomach can go a mile

I'm the East,and you are the sun
from you i rise hun they say you are hot,

well I'm ready for the burn
writing about you is so sweet,

i don't want to get done how long is my mind,
in it you still do the run

Your dad is more of a thorn,
i'll risk it for a rose

Your lovey dovey is so pure,
where was the course give it to me babe,

it's ok if you overdose i can't tell the beauty in you,
more than the victoria shores

Been complimenting for too long,
mind if i pause?