Saturday, May 18, 2013

Brian Busted Juicing himself...

He hated the fact that his friends mocked him,he was always counted as a nerd,the parents and friends also despised him....he was such a loner,and that's how everybody knew him of,at the age of 15 he was trying to get close to friends but with no luck he decided to be anti social..

The fact he was still a virgin surely disturbed him,girls at his school knew about the little secret he had ,so intensely they would  tease him,others even wrote some funny things at the blackboard ,he was surely bullied ,that's how Brian never enjoyed his high school life..

Home also was never sweet,the phrase "home sweet home" to him it was home bitter home,Brian was even bullied by the brothers,he only had three friends that he trusted ,one of his favorite friends was the mom "Agness" ,and two was his invisible friend he named Josh not forgetting his third friend called computer..

Brian spent a lot of time in his room talking to his invisible friend and watching pornography ,but the strange fact is Brian never knew how to juice himself ,he always wondered how it was he concentrated at the screen something strange happen..

A picture of a beautiful ebony queen appeared at the screen,it blinked innumerable times with some word written "click to view" dancing before her eyes.The hotty was half nude ,her nipples were all that Brian concentrated on since he has something for boobies..

Brian got startled since he had never once thought that such a mail could ever come at his screen,he sighed and moved back thinking whether he should open the mail or ignore it,his subconscious mind told him to ignore it but as soon as he wanted to ignore it ,he received more mails with a lot of nude girls..The devil mind easily manipulated him..Brian clicked and opened the email..

The mail was a link to a certain Facebook page known as "Hoes and Asses" ,the page was a PG 18 and Brian was just 15 years old,as he opened the link he got aroused there were many nude girls with big boobies ,suddenly he was interrupted by the mom who knocked the door to wish him good night..he stood up fast and kept his screen into sleep mode and went to open the door wishing the mom goodnight too..   

He had a feeling that the mom saw his erection that got stiff as a wooden Kalahari desert stick ,he then switched back to the Facebook page,the page had a lot of videos and one video was titled "how to juice yourself" without wasting time he played the video and saw some nude girl elaborating .

His "philipe"(d!*k head) was was thrusting hard against his boxers ,his balls ached that his boxers got wet in some seconds and that is a typical sign of arousal,he then pulled his velvet mat that he was given present on his 15th birthday and lied his body down as instructed by "Janet"the video teacher.

He gently unzipped his trousers to reach his philipe under his boxers,he pulled a bottle which had a costarican girl on the label and it was named cocoa butter,he squeezed the bottle and took himself some large portion of oil and gently showered philipe with it as instructed by "Janet"..he moved his hands up and down enjoying the non friction feeling,trying to recall all hot boobies he saw..

Brian was surely enjoying juicing himself,he loved that fact that it was a feeling he never had before,he couldnt stop moaning and producing sounds ,he moved from left to right licking his lips ,it was magic the way he felt ,pure sparks..he felt being a man and ignoring what the world thought of him,the room got very hot for him so he unbuttoned his Denim shirt...

Brian never realized after he said good night to her mom he never locked the door,so as he was purely aroused  ,and reached his fun to the maximum holding his head and licking his lips repeatedly letting his Phillipe shine soon as his to come and call himself a pure man ...

She opened the door

Brian:" Rachel!!!!

Rachel: Brian!!!!!!!!

it was the young sister....


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