Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gaddo: Tanzania Parliament in Session

Not that am not patriot,if there is anybody who loves his country and that is me,but at one point you might not think of me being one, since i cant abide with stupidity..As much as i love and respect my country ,i can not be an accomplice of asininity.

After the war of comments from different people with different perspective towards Gado i decided to write of my own,in some point i wouldn't love to be bias so i start with my own country then to my friend Gado .

The fact that Tanzania parliament has become an organization of jokers is not good at all,there isn't any respect at the parliament perhaps due to stupidity that we all want to tolerate or the fact that higher levels are trying to build a comedy team to entertain the citizens..may you cut the crap and do what you were voted to do..

As times goes by our wabunge are intensely forgetting themselves ,some use words like f*@*k in the same parliament that logic has to be discussed ,and no action is taken ..the fact that somebody does something wrong and he/she doesn't get punished this gives a room for one to do something more insane..

There others who make us citizens think their mentally ill,the same person with  kids at home and a wife plus a whole nation looking at him dares to use abusive words in the parliament .Do you think we are to respect this people as our leaders or are they just drunken idiots?

Sasa  time flies like nothing ,right now their all acting absurd thinking they have it all,two more years and you stand at that stage asking for our votes,that's how insane you can get..they should know that we will disqualify them for the little weaknesses they have and we will never glorify them for the great strength they have shown.

Gaddo may you not worry we all appreciate what you do ,am quite sure the MPS now know you very well,and you will here them complaining that you disrespected them...why care at all ...your message was well portrayed....


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