Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finally!! I Have Watched Fast & Furious 6

Well, I know i am probably among the last movie enthusiast to watch Fast & Furious 6...down here we have only two movie cinemas..mmh you can see where i am coming from...Plus, It took me awhile to get a proper date...Tell me, whats the sense of watching a movie which will push your adrenaline limits without a hot chick besides you??

So, I am pretty sure this is best movie in Fast And The Furious series. Best in all 6 movies. Like always movie goes on series of events, whose solution could only be fast cars and action. Laws of physics do not apply to Fast Movies, because following laws of physics is something Hollywood has given responsibility to Christopher Nolan. The "Fast and Furious" is one of those surprisingly long lasting pulp B- series that alongside "Underworld" "Resident Evil", "Mission Impossible" and "Scary Movie" are now into their second decade and umpteenth installment.  

This is one of those rare occasions when a franchise goes from being okay to being absolutely awesome. 12 years ago, I would have never expected this series to make it this far and not only that, to evolve into what it is today. Furious 6 does not pretend to be anything else but a high octane summer action movie and it does it better than any other movie this year so far.

I haven't always had a love affair with the F&F series. I thought the first one was pretty dumb, hated the second, and never saw the third. The fourth drew me in - I rented it at some point and found it really entertaining. Then, they brought in The Rock for the fifth, and I knew I had to see it. Justin Lin made a near perfect action movie with Fast Five, including one of the best action movie sequences (as unbelievable as it may be) of all time with the safe steal. That really heightened my expectations for Fast & Furious 6.

This is a very you-get-what-you-paid for film, as it doesn't quite take the franchise to the next level, but maintains delivering what you've come to expect out of these films. The beautiful women will be here, as well as the buff men, the tough-as-nails action, the beautiful cars, the good soundtrack, and a pace that matches that of a car---once the engines are running it truly takes off. While there is no evolution, there is plenty of entertainment to go around for everybody willing to watch.

And do stay tuned for the credits. Just when you think that eventual next installment might be overkill, you will leave the theater excited.


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