Thursday, May 9, 2013

That girl was on fire..

When i listen to Shaggy's song strength of a women or that of Alicia keys super women it brings me memories..this songs explain how women are strong ,how we shouldn't underestimate them,some sort of campaign to raise awareness on women right's...but i had a different perspective after seeing an incident that left me startled..

Confessing here is am used of seeing men punish their loved ones severely,us men can be so brutal to our loved ones at times,I had a friend that could get so jealous that he couldn't control his fist,all he knew is swing around and throw some punches to her girl..things always don't be the same...some time a rupee has to change its side...

We have all heard of stories that men get beaten by their wives,my friends from Musoma,Nyeri,Machame can explain brutal beatings from their enraged women.let me set some scenes that i saw in an earlier incident..

I went to visit a friend who of which i know he is a number one friend who despises women,he is so primitive at some point,all he likes is commanding,the wife is so scared that she is always trembling when called upon,sasa some stupid thing happened  after my friend invited me in he called upon her wife to come and say hi...Misses delayed for a while...

When she came this musee of mine fumed and tried to show how enraged he was and slapped her on spot,and he never realized it was his judgment day..misses moved back (it was like she was looking for space),she lost her temper, fists and slaps were rained upon,he was severely beaten ,i was left speechless after what i saw,i couldn't even choose sides ,that's how scared i i tried to go closer to help she looked at me with these fierce look that shoved off my mood.

The anger she had made me uncomfortable,as she was punishing the husband the song  "girl on fire" by Alicia Keys was bubbling in my mind "this girl is on fire"..truly she was on fire,if this is what we call strength of a woman then we shouldn't despise it.All that time i was wondering where is that vicious friend of mine,the man of the house..master of brutally beatings..he didn't defend himself he just covered his vital organs..

Millions questions raised ,why didn't he defend himself?is he a changed man now (born again christian) or is he waiting for vengeance??

Am trying to explain how convulsed women can be dangerous,provoking them can get you killed...not all women that bare your beatings are cowards some just pretend and some just follow their taboos that tell them to respect their husbands.lets buckle up and stop harassing our women.

WARNING:if you are from East Africa don't dare beat a women from Machame,Musoma(Tanzania),Nyeri (Kenya)...just a warning ...don't end up loosing your manhood...

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