Friday, October 5, 2012

How Well Do You Know Your Best Friend...

Tanzania is well known of social people ,generously responsive people,you might meet people at a bar and after few drinks and stories trust me you will become good friends..
How well do you know your friend ,this should be asked among yourselves ..i know how lots of people have trust on their best friends,but surely how well do you know them , might be you just met at the bar or you schooled together from prep school to college but does that define how well you know this friend of yours..
One day i walked in lounge ,well known as Savannah lounge ,had couple of few drinks to boost my evening mood,staring at everyone that came in and out of the lounge ,don't take me as a spy but the staring is because i had no i stare at the beautiful waitress that purposely trying to imitate giraffes motion  somebody suddenly taps my back gently..
"you have been here for almost an hour ,staring at people ,"that may define you are either a lonely guy looking forward to have a hooker for the night or waiting for somebody,"An aesthetically appealing women said.
"Sorry ! do i happen to know you?
I didn't happen to know her but that's how our friendship started ,she was a bit older than me and listening to her speech she sounded so wise ranging a high I.Q ,she had similar hobbies to mine ,she read almost every book i came across ..she was superb i tell you..
Our friendship got stronger day by day ,we would call each other almost everyday,it came to a moment where we had to know each other better ,that's when she told me she worked for one big law firm in the country ,according on how she kept her speech and the flamboyance she had i believed she was a lawyer..She had a lot of plans ,giving me a scope of her entire life,the fancy cars and big house she had kept me numb and worried at first but soon to realize she was a lawyer it was a relief .
This night  i switch on my cable TV ,after some few local news came a news that a woman was caught smuggling some drugs ..i was caught with much shock noticing the name that was mentioned was hers ,yes hers ..the girl that few month i met at the lounge ,the woman i trusted as a friend, the big associate of some big law firm. I thought it was a dream , i had to rub my eyes to get that clear view..suddenly a phone rings and its the police station ,asking if i knew her and how well did i know..she speaks to me and asks me to bail her ...What could have you done?


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