Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Disaster of Counterfeit phones...

A terrible event happened  in a small town  called Nyakanazi here in Tanzania ,this event switched my thoughts that why wont my government act on this issue just like the way Kenyans strike on it.
A young woman in her mid 30's lost her left ear after the phone she was using suddenly blew up into pieces ,it can be so hard to imagine but the victim Mwajuma Kipure a farmer explains..
"it was around 6pm in the evening where i had my phone ringing ,as i pressed the green button to pick up i felt something was different ,but i didn't care much so i placed the phone on my ear to start a conversation.But as soon as i said Halloo the phone produced a stingy sound and suddenly blew."
I could barely look at her ear not because am mean but surely she is badly injured ,so i couldn't hold on the too many questions i had , so i asked "do you remember the brand name of the phone you were using?"
Mwajuma: Yes baba , the phone was called "NOFIA".. i surely didn't get the brand name so i pardoned her and asked if it was NOKIA ,but she reapeted and said NOFIA ..i later came to understand that NOFIA was a defraud  perhaps i would say a counterfeit product.
My thoughts almost made me laugh ,but i resisted them ,thinking why do we love cheap things that later on they make as suffer ,this is such a fraudulent imitation.

fake n86
Am really proud of Kenyans Government, this morning as i switch my local TV station i got so happy at an extent ,the news said "The Communications Commissions of Kenya (CCK) has confirmed that more than one million fake mobile handsets had been switched off on Monday when the exercise begun.

CCK acting Director General Francis Wangusi said Airtel had disconnected 740,000 handsets from its network, Safaricom 680,000, while Orange had blocked 75,000 handsets. yuMobile had not handed its data to the regulator by Monday afternoon.

Oh my ..that was the next thing that came from my mouth ,remembering what happened to Mwajuma...i really congratulate the Kenyan Government on there success on such a mission..Its time Tanzanians should stop buying this counterfeit phones.

By switching off the fake phones, CCK will be in compliance with the Kenya Information and Communications Regulations 2012, which requires all mobile phones to be type approved.

Contravention of this statute attracts a jail term not exceeding three years, a fine not more than Sh300, 000 or both.


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