Friday, October 19, 2012


I believe everything starts from small and goes to big ,America started from the scratch until now among the Worlds most powerful continent ,same implies to China and almost every country..Things have stories and so people do ,i remember from wearing a diaper to pants as i kept on growing dressed to more stylish trousers.
I and my comrade had a conversation about Disco , much i know about Disco is during 1960's it tried penetrating but getting high attention during the late 1970's ,its initial audience being African American ,Gays ,  Latino and psychedelic communities in New York city and Philadelphia ...
Disco grew up day to day ,getting more attention and fans..
In my country Tanzania also implies almost the same ,but what differ is we have different type of Disco's , all are given different names.
We have the normal Disco whereas people go to clubs and have the fun under the Disco lights and the smoke machine ,good music played by the Deejay, very common Disco worldwide .

Let me set this for you ,not common in other places ,two types of Discos that will leave you amused are "Disco Vumbi" and "Disco Malapa"  .

Definitely this only happens in Africa ,Disco Vumbi as it is named in my country , the word "vumbi" stands for Dust ,"malapa" stands for plastic bathing slippers ,now i think you are getting what am trying to say ,this Disco's can be conducted at any venue but mostly outside ,a place with lots of Dusts , there is no dress code on this events , the type of Drinks sold at the bar are mostly abominable and the entrance fee is stated free of charge.
Type of atrocious Drinks sold are.

  • Gongo (very dangerous cognac )
  • Komoni
  • Mbege
  • Mnazi
  • Pingu ( one sip and you shit on yourself )
  • Bimbwi and many more traditional atrocious Drinks
The Genre Music played here are,

  • Midundiko ( more drums on the beat)
  • Segere (a form of Taarab genre from the coast)
  • KIduku 
  • Sebene (Rhumba)
  • Bolingo (congolese style)  
Dress Code.
  • Slippers or bare foot 
  • Msuli (a sheet that men wear around the waist)
  • Khanga
  • Vest
  • Bennie hats e.t.c
Man Dancing Kibwebwe style,dressed in a green towel and slippers .

Disco Vumbi funs ,no PG during Disco Vumbi

One of the tycoon at the Disco vumbi dancing nibebe style..
Watch the following video ,it shows how this Disco's are ,get a clear footage of Disco Malapa and Vumbi,enjoy..


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