Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Well known as King Majuto ,an old timer ,a man that would make you laugh no matter what...he was born known as Amri Athumani in a region called Tanga..he is well talented and counted as number one Comedian in Tanzania.

Joti ...hahahah  i can already start smiling while writing far the best young comedian in the country ,respected globally ...he can act any kind of character , he can be a woman , a girl student ,Grandpa and even a little boy ...very talented with lots of enthusiasm...he has plenty of projects and was able to secure quite big endorsements like the azam juice which until present the juice is called KIjoti...His bouncing and flamboyance style he uses during his acts quite has made every child in the country to imitates this Comedian that invented the "shtua" style.

Mpoki:hahahah he calls himself Mwarabu wa Dubai (An Arab from Dubai) he is quite another joker ,he started from the Scratch with his fellow friend Joti ..but now he is among the most paid Comedians..he will never rest until you laugh..He is loved by many ...we call him king of disses...

Masanja Mkandamizaji...Looolll...he is another clown  tell you...he also started from the scratch ,among comedians with a long name ...he is also among the most paid comedian in my country..he invented various funny styles like the Kandamizaji style which he presses the computer keyboard with much effort and speed.
I compare him to Seth Macfarlane ,he can do various voices ,he is able to imitate presidents and other icons in Tanzania..he is good...He is among successful comedians of all times...
Sharo Millionea one of the most admired comedians...he came with a new style of being the most clean comedian showing his flamboyance...he is among the heavy weight paid comedian that you wont expect...
Mkwere ...he is another burlesquer ...funny guy that has dedicated most of his time wanting to make people laugh ...

Why lie ,he is the only stand up comedian in Tanzania that can make me laugh ...Evans Bukuku...very talented guy and a man with  a big soul trying to help other young Comedians...Mr.Bukuku you have our support..

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  1. these comedians are really very nice.all are best funny pictures are here.i like it.thanks for haring it.