Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TANZANIA: Old people Killings is a problem .

This is canescent i tell you , i would wonder why one would commit such a thing ,as rumors travel so first because of technology ,yesterday as i stroll back home i meet a crowd of people discussing about the killings that have been happening in the lake zone countries here in Tanzania.Speaking of killings i mean the Old people ,Yes Old people in Swahili "vikongwe" ..
Doing some research i noticed 12 Old men and women were killed this year ,this is dolorogenic i tell you..the research i conducted shows the age range that is haunted is 45-100 or more.My mind had lots of questions one being why old people?Soon to realize superstitions is the major issue here.

Talking to few people to get different views on this matter i came across an old granny named Justina Mbwika," i think what this people are doing is quite in human ,they murder as thinking we might be witch crafts ,but that doesnt explain that every old man and women performs witchcraft"
I understood this old woman as she talked in much pain and i could notice the fear that was covering her face thinking maybe she is next.
"this killers hunt us like animals with spears and big knives..they tie you beside the bed or under a tree and they afflict you with there weapons,i have lost friends and family members..please help us ,the government should do something ,we live in fear,"Babu Ndibwisa said..


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