Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The good guy does not always get the girl

The good guy always gets the girl in the end. I totally disagree, considering how many girls have ended up with guys that cannot even remotely be called good, yet they had the opportunity to choose a good guy over a bad one.
But, this depends on one’s definition of who is good, and who is bad. Let’s not complicate things; a bad guy doesn’t value, respect and treat his woman the way she would want to be treated. a god guy on the other hand, is considerate and thoughtful about his woman, and aspires to keep her contented.
From what I have heard, the species of “good guys” became extinct sometime in the 15th century, so now all there is left are the bad guys. No wonder all the good girls end up with the bad guys.
Jack, or Jack Daniels, like he preferred to be called was the pure personification of badness. He seemed to be mean from the core, like he had a meanness eating him from the inside and he couldn’t contain it, and had to share it, especially with those who didn’t deserve it. Jack Daniel didn’t get a nice girl, he probably got the nicest of them all.
Linda was three years older than I am, and by all aspects, she was out of my league. She was smart, she was beautiful, she was like a mother to everyone around her. I had the undoubtedly largest crush, in the history of crushes, on her. And she knew about it. Just like she must have known about how every guy who laid eyes on her was forever hooked.
But that didn’t spoil the warmth of her heart, or how she treated us, her fan base. She believed she was plain ordinary, and never used her gifts of male attraction for ulterior purposes.
For eight years, I was neighbours with her, and she grew up into a wholesome woman. My crush evolved into a caring thing for her, and at some point, I even asked some man who was hitting on her to take a hike because she was totally out of his league.
I envisioned her getting this fine accomplished young man, caring and kind, the stuff in romantic books. And even though I am a realist most of the time, for this girl, I desperately believed it could happen because she deserved it.
Then along came Jack Daniels. I didn’t like him from the moment I saw him, and he didn’t even bother to warm up to me. He knew me and Linda were close, but that didn’t change anything. I have no idea how they even met, but one day, he was there and she was introducing him to me.
I told her I didn’t like him, as though I was in position to choose her men for her. But then, no one else liked him either; her sisters, her friends, even her mother. She stopped seeing him, and we were all happy, for a while.
Then, with a bang, he came back. And this time he didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Linda once told me that she loved the guy, she kept finding herself going back to him, even when he treated her like dirt.
Then he got her pregnant. And he surprised us and married her. Today, six years later, she is still the same nice woman, and he is the same mean guy. But he has her now, when he didn’t deserve to even know her. Isn’t that the definition of life? Expect the worst?


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