Friday, October 12, 2012


What would you do to get fame if you were an artist ,definitely you could have tried a lot..last weekend here in my country Tanzania we were all anxious of seeing the heavy weight world rapper ,"The Boss " or well known as stage name Ricky Ross ..the big man with a stamp of doing good music under Maybach. It was crazy ...people loved it and they all screamed with joy ,cheering at this rapper that had an exquisite and boss up style..He is good no offense...among world rappers that have toured Tanzania i would rank Ricky the fourth , i  name 50 cent as the first this is from the stage balance and capability of entertaining the crowd ,followed Busta Rhymes as the second ,Ludacris being the third..the ranking is on my point of view please don't hate.
Ok let me get down to this,for those who were there at the event probably many have their own perspectives but mine i would say Diamond Platinum the most paid young artist in Tanzania made an epoch ,after the event few talked about Ricky ,plenty talked about Diamond..Why is this?
Ok let me drop the scenes down ..first of all Diamond did something different from all artists ,we were all used of seeing him dressed in his fancy suits ,but this time around his choice of wardrobe already caught my thoughts that he was down for business ..a t shirt and a tracksuit..
His dancing crew was already on stage doing some marvelous and tricky moves,everyone was waiting ..why isn't Diamond on stage,soon as we asked ourselves the WASAFi crew opened there bags and next we see is some pigeons flying from the bags ,"sorry whoever thought of the birds idea ,its lame and animal cruelty".
Here comes Diamond PLatinum ...the crowd got crazy ,ladies screaming with joy after seeing Diamonds Muscles ..The crazy part is when Diamond and the crew peeled of their pants for everyone to see their boxers ...i was like "hell no...nigger got guts " .
Do i blame him? Hell no ...the dude will do anything to get fame...and sure he did get it..after the event everyone was talking about it...THis artist well knows to play with PR reminds me of Lady GaGa ..or even Ricky himself exposing his belly during the BET AWARDS...
All i got to say is congrats to DIamond for taking the Tanzania music Industry to a new level style of being a Gentlemen and body building not like others ..It wont be of good if i forget my man Raqey of managing this young artist..
Enjoy the show ...


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