Monday, October 1, 2012

INTERVIEW: SKA-frika band..

 There is no limit on how far this band will go , i don't say that just because my cousin is a base guitar player at the band but listening to their rhythm will make you say the same thing..
It can be hard for one to understand the language since the bands songs are sang in their language..
The band is comprised of young enthusiasts artists living in Norway.
I managed to have an interview with some of the band members and let me set the scene for you..

Msongo: I understand your band name is SKA-frika , what does it really mean?

SKA-frika:The name does not have any special meaning other than that the band is basically ska-fans in Norwegian.

Msongo:  When did the band first start?
SKA-frika: Our band first started in the year 2009 ,having lots in mind.

Msongo: Elvin you represent SKA-frika as the bass player and sometimes drums ,are there any band or people that inspire you?
There are several different artists and bands that inspire me.
Drummers who inspires me: Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Porcaro, Simon Phillips, Brian Blade, Chris "Daddy" Dave, Steve Gadd, Dennis Chambers…

Bass players who inspires me: Nathan East, Leland Sklar Tom Kennedy, Mike Porcaro, John Patitucci, Richard Bona…

Bands and solo artists : TOTO, Sting, The Police, Frank Zappa, Michael Jackson, Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder, a-ha, D'Sound, Ole Børud, Beyoncé, The Roots, Robert Glasper, Earth Wind and Fire, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Chick Corea, Meshuggah...
Msongo: How many are you in your band ?

Our main core is 10, but sometimes we can be 12 playing on a concert or be 8 it depends on the occasion.

Msongo: What genre of music does your band play?

SKA-frika: plays as the name implies "ska," but it is ska with a little mix of other styles like rock and pop.


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