Monday, September 3, 2012


During the weekend i visited my parents in Dar-es-salaam , they were all happy to see me,but i couldn't call it happy after my mam insisted i slaughter a chicken for my homecoming Dinner.
What?? I slaughter a chicken ? I had millions of questions in my head , i was shivering as if i was thrown in the middle of Antarctica.
Am well known of loving chicken meat , but i have never tried slaughtering anything in my life .


To show how manly i was ,i a agreed and took the chicken with me , i held the chicken tightly not to escape stepped on the legs and the wings ...ready to slaughter..Can you imagine all my guts went to a waste ,i started shivering to hell ,and the cock kept on producing sorrowful sounds while it eyes shut slowly..All i heard in my head was ..MURDERER..MURDERER..I couldn't do it i tell you..i don't have the guts and am pretty sure i will never have the guts of killing an innocent bird.. i will only eat a chicken when it is already prepared.
Somebody had to help me slaughter,but what really surprises me is the way i could chew the meat  with no fear that that's the chicken i was to murder earlier.You can call me an idiot for not being able to slaughter a chicken but all i know am not a murderer but i love Chicken.Trying to train myself to become a vegetarian ,i really don't like seeing innocent birds get killed,they are good creatures ,they mean no harm to nobody despite their sweetness when cooked.


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