Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Perhaps i should start with apologizing ,i did get some emails fro my viewers complaining where was i this past few days that i couldn't post anything,good news is i was trying to get full coverage of some stories that will interest you.As i write i am on my way to a nearby region where i will camp there to give you my real adventures.Keep following..
 I heard rumors , i heard thoughts and complains from my fellow Tanzanian citizens complaining on how the Government is wicked ,"existing Political parties are useless and just corrupt" that was said by a woman that was just next to me in a public bus..
"The solution will be WAR."it really shocked my nerves hearing such a word, and you cant imagine it came from a woman that i think she is in her mid thirties.

The above image shows a worn out bus which represents the existing political party in my Tanzania (CCM) and the brand new bus is (Chadema) the expected party...
Heyyy..wake up..i hate politics and so you should ...they are just confusing us body is going to get the throne and remember you ,not even the party you think its going to bring change..
Its a shame that people are wishing for war in my country ,while its the most peaceful place on earth ...Do you even know the real sound of grenades or just opening your mouths and shouting..insane you...i repeat insane you...Ask Syria/Libya/Somali e.t.c..ask them WHAT IS WAR??  I tell you when they start shooting you will never even hear the sound of the crows or wind..Wake up my fellow Tanzania brother and sister dont let these Idiots (POLITICIANS) mess with your minds.
Nobody can help you , Everyone survives for themselves..the secret is working hard...i know few will comment that am a scared little kid , YES i am , i tell you i don't need war ...Call me a mouse if you want ...but NO WARS IN TANZANIA...i repeat..DO NOT LET POLITICIANS MESS WITH YOUR MINDS...wake up....


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