Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trying To Understand The Song "Mercy"

My Interpretation of Intro:

"weeping and moaning" = the sound of the souls of dead human beings, as they are tortured by the Devil in Hell.

"gnashing of teeth" = the vicious teeth of the Devil's demons attacking the innocent souls.

"champion sound, believe!" = the song suggests that the Devil is a true champion over God and that you should believe in his sounds and his teachings. And this is according to Matthew 25:30

So, to sum up:

Maybe this song is about clinching your teeth, then about your (the listener?) girlfriend giving him a treat in a Lamborghini.

Each verse from each 'rapper' talk about totally different and off subjects that relate nothing to an already skewed and regressive song with no sense of direction and entitlement. Extensively, the song is horrible in lyrical and vocabulary terms, with words that don't exist in any language to possibly take the form of fillers because the lack of variety and taste from the lyricists themselves. Of course, you can always sidestep the technical nuances of English to understand what these made up words actually imply, but that rather distorts invaluable meaning and value to a musical piece.


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