Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kakakuona.......... The Foretell the future

Its believed that "Kakakuona" also known as Pangolin, fall down to the earth from the Sky. Unfortunately for us, Pangolins are largely nocturnal, snuffling about under cover of darkness, and as a result, little seen. Such elusiveness, and such an extraordinary appearance have given the pangolin a long history in African and Asian folklore and witchcraft. Burning the scales is said to help keep lions away, while burying one outside your lover’s door is believed to entice him to you. Our favourite story is from Tanzania, where the Kakakuona (brother who sees) is said to foretell the future. If you are lucky enough to find a pangolin, it can be placed on the ground and surrounded by four bowls, containing water, grain, a gun, and a knife. The bowl the pangolin chooses indicate the future for the next year, respectively symbolising good rains, an excellent harvest, war with another country, and civil war.

 Here Kakakuona trying to make a prediction where by select one the things shown,

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