Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Richest People In Tanzania

The flag of Tanzania was officially adopted on June 30, 1964.

Who are the richest people in Tanzania? Or who are the wealthiest people in the republic of Tanzania? Are some of the many questions asked by the people of Tanzania who want to know the kind of wealth, amount of money and other resources their countrymen and women own.
There are indeed a lot of wealthy people in Tanzania and this article is all about putting into perspective and knowing them. Below is a listing of some of the richest people in Tanzania and what they own.

1. Said salim
Who is Said Salim?
Said Salim Awadh is the founder and chairman of the Bakhresa group f companies in Tanzania. He is an industrialist, philanthropist and entrepreneur who has created a successful business empire consisting of several companies in only three decades.
How wealthy is Said Salim?
Said Salim is undoubtedly one of the richest people in Tanzania. His business empire is vast and has operations in Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda and Malawi. Some of said Salim’s wealth include

  • Azam grain milling
  • He has also invested in passenger sea transportation
  • Sale and marketing of plastic packaging materials
  • He also has vast interest in the food and drinks industry.
2. Aziz Abood
Who is Aziz Abood?
Aziz Abood is also one of the richest men in Tanzania. The Tanzanian tycoon has invested in many sectors of the economy like passenger transportation, information and communication (owns tv and radio station), food factories and truck manufacturing company.

3. Nasoro
Nasoro is also a rich Tanzanian who has made massive investments. The economy of Tanzania is incomplete without the mention of Nasoro’s businesses. Some of the businesses Nasoro owns include;
  • Real estate properties
  • Passenger transportation (superstar buses, royal buses)
  • Logistics (doll trailers)
  • Also owns a considerable number of shares in Mtibwa sugar company.
4. Mohamed Dewji
Mohamed Dewji is yet another rich person in the republic of Tanzania. Dewji has a size able number of investments and businesses ranging from factories, commercial and residential properties and shares in many of the leading companies in Tanzania.

5. Reginald Mengi
Reginald Abraham Mengi is a well known Tanzanian industrialist, entrepreneur and media mogul. Mengi is the founder of IPP Group which is one of the region’s biggest privately owned companies. The company has its base in the city of Dar es Salaam. Other than the IPP Group, Mengi also has interests in;
  • IPP consulting company
  • Coca-cola franchise holder (Bonite bottlers and Kilimanjaro spring water)
  • IPP Media which comprises of the Guardian, Alasiri, Nipashe, independent, kasheshe, ITV, EATV, sky fm and the east Africa radio.
6. Michael Ngaleko
Michael Ngaleko is also among the richest people in Tanzania. He is believed to own a considerable number of shares in some of the biggest companies in east Africa. He also has an interest in Precision air which is a regional airline that specializes in passenger and cargo transportation in the east African region.

7. Fida Hussein
Fida Hussein is yet another of the richest people in Tanzania. Some of the businesses associated with this business personality include;
  • Africarriers,
  • Commercial and residential properties including raha and Zahra towers.

8. Yussuf Manji
Yussuf Manji is another of the top richest people in Tanzania. He owns substantial interest in some of the largest companies in the region and is believed to be worth hundreds of millions of Tanzanian shillings. He has invested in properties (both residential and commercial), the auto industry and he is also the founder of the Quality Group.

9. Nazir Mustafa
Rounding up of our top richest people in Tanzania is Nazir Mustafa Karamagi. He is a successful businessman believed to be worth hundreds of millions of shillings. He is the owner of the famous Tanzania international container.

Apart from the above mention people, honorable mention also goes to the following individuals who are also believed to be among the richest in tanzania
  • Edward Ngoyayi Lowassa
  • Mohamed Aboud
  • Tarimba Abass
  • Philemon Ndesamburo


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