Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Food For Thought

 Things are getting harder in my country, with the current account deficit jumping to $4.13 billion from $2.46 billion in the year ago period.

Politicians are yip yapping nonsense, trying to blind the people.  Both the opposition and the ruling party make no sense at all. They pretend to argue in the parliament, yet later they meet in a pub and drink to their own success.

Imperialist on the door waiting to tap our newly discovered potential in oil and gas, they now claim we are strategically important. I guess they are now willing to give us their carefully revised loans, which will be impossible to pay back.

We the commoners continue to suffer, everyday we keep asking if the term freedom really exists. The state i am in right now, am sure i will welcome back "ujamaa" with arms wide open.


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